Saturday, December 27, 2014

 Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year brings you much joy and happiness. Here is to New Beginnings and New Goals!
     I love January. I look forward to new ideas, new goals accomplished and new experiences.
     I look forward to sharing new things and happy times with all of you.
     I have  several books on the burner, so be watching for them! I will be re-editing "Darla's Decision". I love my first book ---but it has many flaws. The story won't be changed, just corrections in grammar.
      I have a couple more quilts to finish. A revised personal routine to incorporate into my day and people to meet! I have fun times planned for family time--which includes hard work in the yard and around the house. A family that works together builds great memories and creates great bonds.
       What plans do you have for your New Year? Hope your New Year is full of many blessed moments.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Newly released Christmas book! Just in time for some holiday cheer and romance! To get it by Christmas order from Createspace store. OR from Amazon. This book is also available in kindle form. Merry Christmas! ($7.00) Price may vary online.

Kaylee Brinkerhoff was determined to reach her Nana's by Christmas. She had never been steered wrong by a prompting before. She knew she needed to reach Flagstaff, Arizona and her grandmother--and no snowstorm was going to keep her away!
    Chad Hancock was surprised when a frozen figure of a woman fell through the front door, but he was more surprised when he discovered it was his good friend's grand-daughter--and the girl of his dreams! He had been wanting to meet Kaylee, but not this way. 
      He had looked at her pictures on the mantle and heard her praised by her grandmother so much he had fallen in love with someone he had never met! Now was his chance to show her that he was what her Christmas dreams were made of! He had just a few short days to give her the most romantic Christmas ever!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas is just two weeks away. What will you wish for this year?  My family keeps asking me what I want for Christmas...and honestly? I don't need anything. I have everything that is wonderful and good already around me--My family, music, my talents, a testimony of Jesus Christ. I already have a home, a warm bed, food and clothes. I can sew (and I have a nice sewing machine). I have a piano, I have a house full of things already. I don't know what to ask for.
    So, if you know what you want or need, I hope you get it. I hope your life is full of greatness and lots of happiness! Merry Christmas!

 soulkissfaerie christmas tree images

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I love December! I love the family time, the traditions and the music. Tonight the Loya family (us) organized our 3rd annual "Night of Christmas Music". It's a night for us to share with our friends our love of music. We also invite other great vocalists and talented musicians to share their music with us. It is our family's way of saying "Merry Christmas."
      It's so amazing to see young kids grow in their talents this year. I enjoyed the mature talents of the adults that took part tonight too.
        Music is a great way to feel the spirit of Christmas.       

 The number one point of the celebration for me during this time is the remembrance of the birth of our Savior. It is amazing to me to realize that Jesus Christ came to this earth as an infant. 
        The first time it really, truly hit me was when I was expecting my second child and I sang "Mary's Lullaby" in a Sunday Christmas program. I was 8 months pregnant and such an overwelming understanding hit me so hard with the first two lines of that song....He was just a small baby. That Mary was a young mother just like me, and she would be the mother of the Savior of the world. He wasn't the wondrous man  and Savior that I had learn about at that moment. He wasn't the Savior being crucified on the cross. He was a tiny baby, who needed a mother to care for him, to hold him, rock him and to protect from the world around him.
     And now, as my testimony of the Savior's life has grown, I realize that Christmas isn't just a time to celebrate His birth, but that He lived! His life began that night in a humble stable as an infant. He grew into an adult to become our example, my Savior, the comforter of my soul.
       I hope that Jesus Christ is an important part of your Christmas Traditions...he is in our house. 
Enjoy your December!

Monday, November 24, 2014

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Thanks a bunch!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!
November 15 2014

Not much longer now until that wonderful day of family and tradition is here! I love Thanksgiving! ( Have I said that before?)
I hope you all have a great and loved filled Thanksgiving Day! 
      I wish I could invite you all to my home to enjoy food and friendship. I would make your favorite pie to go with all the others I will be making! A  place would be set with my good china just for you. You would be able to enjoy a goblet filled with 7-up being chilled over cranberry juice ice cubes. (It is a very festive sight!)
      The turkey would come out golden brown and fill the kitchen with a wonderful scent! Right along with the dressing, the candied yams and hot rolls! The orange jello filled with mandarin oranges would be set out in the fridge in the garage. Next to it would be the large tupperware bowl full of fluffy fruit salad. The black cherry jello dish with cranberries and celery would be small because no one likes it by me--but I still make it every year! 
     On the table would lay a blue damask table cloth with my blue china waiting for the feast to begin. But it doesn't end there! We would serve green salad, green bean casserole, mash potatoes and gravy, too! I feel like I have forgotten something....Oh, yes! The cranberries!
      Prayer would be said thanking God for our family, friends and so many physical blessings. But the most gratitude would be express for the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ. For the example he has set for us and the love he has blessed our life with.
           Blessings asked for you and your family
          during this holiday season!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Last night I looked out my window over my yard. There are three trees I can see from the front window. Two ash trees and one maple. There were full of bright vibrated orange and yellow fall leaves. When I got up the next morning the ash trees were completely bare! All the leaves had dropped every single leaf! It was amazing! The maple tree is still slowly losing leaves a few at a time. That is how some days go. You give it your all into one project or your energy just trickles along slowly spreading your time and self among several activities.
     Some of us are that way...we just dump all our energy in to one activity and then we have nothing left to share later on. I need to be more like that Maple tree---giving my energy and focus to more then one area. I need to focus and prioritize what those areas should be, though.
     Sometimes we get caught up in giving our best to things that just don't matter! What should be on our priority list? God, self, family, then extended family, the community, then the rest of the world.
    This holiday season I hope you can focus on what's really important and let those worldly, time sucking moments pass by without a moment of hesitation. Give your time to God and your family this year! Make this the best Thanksgiving and Christmas ever. Let your memories be ones filled with happiness and love and time well spent in wonderful family moments.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall! Fall! Fall! I love this time of the year. Love the smells and the colors. It is the beginning of all the holidays and that means family! Lots of family fun and memories. First comes Halloween, then a favorite time...Thanksgiving. We make everyone their favorite pie! Then comes my other favorite...Christmas. A wonderful time to serve and think of others, but most of all to remember the birth and life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And of course, there is the lights, the tree, the pretty packages. ( I don't even care what's inside! I just love the wrapping paper and shiny bows!)  I hope you have a wonderful holiday fall and winter time.

      Announcing my newest book....A personal favorite.          
               "MY CHRISTMAS STALKER"
It is a story I wrote for Jessica last Christmas based on a dream she had....and what a dream it must have been! Here it is! Meet David Ballantine. He wasn't really... stalking Whitley Spencer. He just wanted to meet her!   Hope you enjoy the story!

Monday, September 1, 2014

A new school year has started for the kids and finally we are back to a schedule. I don't know about you all, but I need a schedule. Life gets to slow without a plan to my day. Though, on the flip side, I do enjoy a day off when the schedule gets going! :) I have been writing. Yep, I guess you couldn't have guessed that. I love to write. My day isn't complete if I haven't written something.Writing is my relaxing time. Whether it is my journal, a letter to a friend, fixing a part of a story or starting a new one! I love the feel of writing. It clears my mind.
     The harvesting has been in full swing around here in Parma (Farm country) Idaho.  It always is amazing to watch. Daniel has been helping in the harvesting of watermelons at a local friends farm. We have enjoy sweet, 30 lb watermelon! It's been great! We have harvested our own peaches...we made jam, not only regular peach jam, but strawberry peach jam. It is Amazing! So yummy! We also made triple berry jam--blackberry, raspberry and strawberry blend. Another' to-die-for' taste! And there is no greater taste then a fresh tomato! Oh, yeah! I love Harvest time!
    Don't forget to check out my books! Order now for your fall reading time!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Not much longer and the summer will be over. It is amazing how time seems to change as I get older. Priorities change also. Years before I would have made heading to the lake a top priority of my summer with a few camping trips tossed in there. I know that is still important to my kids, so I do have to consider those activities as part of my summer. But now...I just need my computer, my sewing machine, an air conditioned house and a soft bed!
     I am truly enjoying my new found love! Writing! I have always taken time to read. I consumed books like any addict consumes their vice. Now, my addiction is writing! I dream about my stories, I get up and write and write, and come lunch time-- I am still in my pj's clicking away at the computer. Isn't life great? HA HA! Mine is!
    But I still manage to wash my dishes, get the laundry done, and direct the kids to do their chores. I also manage to get the grocery shopping done. I even baked bread and chocolate zucchini cake with zucchini from my garden this week-end. So, I do have a bit of a real life still taking up part of my life.
    I have also been busy going to events to sale my books. Gretchen and I have had sale events every weekend in June and part of July. We always sell out of Gretchen's books. She sales more then I do all the time. It's her cute face and out going personality. She isn't afraid to talk about her book and yes, she does make bread and uses her recipe from her book all the time here at home. I am so proud of her!

     Here is the info on my newly released books!
Book 2 of Little BITS of Love , "Mail-Ordered Happiness" was released last week. I just finished up the kindle version this morning. So if you need a fun quick book check out my series of novellas! Book 3 and 4 should be out in August! #3 "Love at Last" is my favorite and #4 "Christopher's Story" is about Donovan's McClaw's brother from Book #1 "The Cattle King". I just had to know what happened! So I figured you did too!
     The second book release this month was a journal with a barnyard theme! It has the big red barn on the front!  Inside the pages are decorated with barn animals and there are quotes throughout the book from famous authors. The lined pages inside are blank for your own writing. Fill the pages with your own life experiences. Write about your day--good or bad! Write about your "Ah ha!" moments, or favorite memories. It is your book to write!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer is under way. What are your plans? Ready to read a good book? Order one of mine! They are the perfect escape literature! Have a great day!

Check out my new fun book! It is "A Creative Journal" --perfect for everyone! It is for those who want to start writing, or for those who already love to write. Inside are a few short lessons about  Grammar and the rest are writing prompts and extra pages to write what ever floats into your creative mind! Perfect for kids, teens or adults. Find your creative groove today!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Announcing my new Novella series. "Little Bits of Love"....Historical Novellas for those who are looking for something to read without having to get involved in a long, deep novel! There will be three books published in June. The first one is ready and available! Watch for the books with the different beautiful roses!
Book One--(Pink Rose)--"The Cattle King"---this short story is about a young girl who has come to live with an uncle she has never met before after her own father has passed on. She arrives in Texas to find out her uncle has bargain her away for a piece of land to Donovan McClaws, the Scottish Cattle King!
    Unfortunately, before she can be properly introduced to her betrothed, Katie McDonald and her little cousins accidently shoot the man!
     Donovan tells her she is a selkie in disguise who has come to steal his heart! "Fer sure and fer certain" it is Katie's heart that has been stolen, but which McClaws brother will own her heart in the end!

 Book Two--(White Rose)-- "Mail-Ordered Happiness" is a sweet little story of a couple finding a happy life together! Marybeth has had four years of sadness and heartache. It was time for a little happiness to come her way. Randall Olsen has been on his own for ten years. If he had known he could mail order happiness, he would have done it along time ago! Their life is full of surprise filled incidences and in the end they realize that sometimes life has to be dumped upside down a little to appreciate the blessings!

Book Three--(Red Rose)-- "Love at Last" is a fun little story about a young woman that has held hate in her heart for a certain boy since the day school ended! He had tormented her through school and had mocked her life ever since! Every time Eric Shepard comes to town he just has to pull her strings and leave her steaming mad! Well, one day he would get his! That day finally arrived and nothing would ever  convince Hilary Echols to help her nemesis out of his pickle--except maybe that toe tinglin', stomach flip-floppin' kiss!

Order your books through the summer! Contact me or order them through Amazon, Createspace, or Barnes and Noble. Books are available in Kindle form also.

Happy Summer Reading!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Great news in my life! My husband, who has worked in North Dakota for the last two years, is now home for good! He found a job in Caldwell--here in Idaho-- working for RM Steel. Good pay--because, hey! Even though we aren't suppose to 'want' money, you just can't live without it in this world!
     I also have a new book out..."Lovin' Lily". Well, at least that is what Amazon says and several people who have already read it on kindle and in soft cover. I haven't seen it yet! That is because I am still waiting for my shipment! If I had ordered it from Amazon I would have had it in 3 days! Of course! But I ordered through my company and my shipment will be here Friday, May 30th!
     For those of you who were so awesome and bought  "Darla's Decision" knows how poorly it was edited ( first book and all--learned a lot!). GOOD NEWS! I have a new wonderful editing team! Three great women on my team!  Barbara Eastin, Shannon Hyde, and Traci Stanley! So, know that "Lovin' Lily"  was in good hands and be ready for a great read!

     Here is more good news! I have a novella series being published next. The first one--"The Cattle King" is being reviewed now as I write. It is a story about The McClaws family. Donovan is the head of the family and he speaks with a heavy Scottish Brogue! That was fun! I am still hearing the accented words in my head. I enjoyed all my researched that went into this story!
     Katie McDonald. She has arrived in Texas to live with an uncle she has never met. When she is greeted by her uncle he tells her not to bother unpacking because she will not be staying. He has bargained her away to Donovan McClaws, known as The Cattle King!
     Unfortunately, before they can be properly introduced, Katie and her niece and nephew accidently shoot the man! That isn't the only trouble. Donovan has several brothers--who will really own Katie's heart in the end? 
    This is the first in a group of mini-stories. It is for those who want to have a little romance in their day without reading a whole novel! When the day is rushed. Just take a few minutes for a quick read from one of my historical novellas!

    Summer is here! Have a good one! Order a book for your summer reading. Check out my deals on my blogsight!

Monday, May 19, 2014

"Lovin' Lily" is here! It is available at Amazon. softcover and Kindle. You many order your copies from me also! If you haven't read Darla's Decision, you should take advantage of my two for one price Special. You can purchase "Darla's Decision" and "Lovin' Lily" for $25.00! For the month of June. It is a whopper of a deal! I am taking pre-orders now.
    Check out my sneak peak previews about "Lovin' Lily" on my previous blogs. It is a love story that survives trials, separation and misunderstandings. It is a historical fiction--clean read. The characters will stay in your heart! Get ready for some great summer reading!
     Check out my other books also. "The Short List" and "In the Kitchen with Gretchen"! Stock up for the summer! It's coming up faster then you know!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wahoo! "Lovin' Lily" is almost here! Today my book is at it's final review and then will be available for purchase!
     Here is a sneak preview:

           "What are they doin' in there?" Lily paced back and forth in front of the large living room window. Her mother sat in a soft, flowery chair embroidering a daisy onto a pillowcase.
       "What does it matter to you, dear? You hardly look at him, much less speak to him." Her mother laid her work on her lap and spread her fingers over her work. "Why don't you find something to do before you wear a hole in the carpet."
       Lily sat down hard onto the sofa. "Humph!" She crossed her arms and then sighted very dramatically. "He wouldn't speak to me even if I wanted to speak to him. He doesn't even care that I am alive!" Lily flopped sideways onto a pillow. ......
         A tear slowly made a path down her right cheek. "I used to imagine coming home and finding Danny waiting for me."
    "Well, he was there waiting for you at the train station and you snubbed him............

Get read for some good summer reading! "Lovin' Lily" will be available on Amazon, or through Createspace E-store, also Available through me! Starting May 19th. If you haven't read "Darla's Decision" you will be able to get the set for a special discounted price in a Memorial Day weekend sale! Two for $25.00! Its a smokin' hot deal! Give me a call! and Place your order now! 208-722-5676.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Writing....Why do people write? Have you ever had the urge to write a story, describe a sunset or a beautiful flower? Or maybe you want to tell someone how you feel--be it love, anger, or appreciation? Writing is a great release for all kinds of thoughts or feelings. I started writing in a diary when I was ten. At first, I wrote one liners that grew to several pages. When I was in 5th grade I received the opportunity to write a pen pal. So then I begin to love writing letters! In school, I loved the assignments of creative writing. I wrote stories, poems and had fun doing it.
    Twice a week I have the opportunity to teach 8 to 10 year old girls for my church. It can be everything from a religious lesson to a craft. At least once a year I share about writing with them. It is so wonderful to see the excitement in their faces and their eyes that gleam with the idea of writing something! They get so inspired! They have come up with the greatest stories and poems! There are those who curl up their nose and say, "Ugh, do I have to! I hate writing!" But there are so many who love the feeling of putting pen to paper and writing from their wild imaginations! I love it!
    So, write a fun story today! Read it to your kids, grandkids or your husband! Get a smile and a happy nod from them and then challenge them to write something in return! Could be a fun way to get to know each other better and make a fun memory!

     For those of you waiting--"Lovin' Lily" is getting closer to being published. I have received it back from a very fine editing job! I have been very impressed with my new editing team! I am still working through the last of the recent corrections and then I will determine from there if Danny and Lily are ready for print!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring is here. The daffodils are in full bloom. I saw the most beautiful patch of pink hyacinths! I wanted to get out of my car and touch them!
     For those of you who may be waiting: I just got "Lovin' Lily" back from its third editing!  I am so grateful for my new editing team. They have done a wonderful job! I am hoping to get "Lovin' Lily" ready to be released by the end of April.
    The year mark of the release of  my first book, "Darla's Decision", is coming up May 20th!! I have learned so much during this past year. I must say I LOVE the story line of Darla, but I realize it was my first and it is chucked full of mistakes. But I will persevere! I will continue to write and improve upon my work! I love writing, it brings peace and relaxation. I am so glad Greg--my hunky, handsome, husband--encouraged me to get it published. He has been my greatest supporter. Thank you so much, Greg! You are so wonderful to me!
    This last month has been exciting with the release of "The Short List" and the book I co-authored with Gretchen--a kid's cookbook "In the Kitchen with Gretchen".They have both been a great success!
True story: I had an interview with a family, Christian book store, "Aspen Grove", in Ontario. I had been waiting all month for this appointment. They had taken a copy of "Darla's Decision" to review a couple of months ago and had told me they were excited to place my book in their store. 
    Well, "In the Kitchen with Gretchen" first shipment of books arrived the night before. I stuck several into my carry bag. After chatting about a book signing and other fun book related subjects, I showed her Gretchen's book. The store owner loved it! She bought all that I had and only took one copy of "Darla's Decision"! But hey! We are Soooo excited for Gretchen! We have now sold out of her first order of books. Next order is on it's way! So you better get your copy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Here is a new book I co-authored with my daughter, Gretchen. "In the Kitchen With Gretchen". It is a step-by-step, picture cookbook for kids teaching how to make bread. Kids can do anything! You can find all of our books on amazon or order the books directly from us! Check them out! Happy reading!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My new non-fiction motivational book is completed and sent to the printer!!The kindle version is suppose to be out tomorrow!! The printed version will be ready for sale in a couple of days on Amazon. I will have my copies to sell by next week.

   "The Short List" is a short motivational read about new beginnings. Take a break from the rush and hurry and read this little book. Do you feel like you are busy all day, but at the end of the day you can't figure out what it was you did exactly? Does it feel like your "to do" list never gets done? This book is about stopping and refocusing. It is a reminder to put God first in your life. It is also about putting yourself on your "to do" list. So many women run and run, doing for others all day and forget to make time for themselves. This book was written to uplift and encourage women. I wanted to let them know that there are others that have felt the same way!

     Also I want to announce another exciting soon-to-be released book! "In the Kitchen with Gretchen!" My daughter and I have written a book together!!! It was such a fun project! We have made a step by step book about making homemade bread for kids--and any adult who may want to learn, too! So be watching for it. It is almost ready to hit the public view, too!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey! Just wanted to share that soon I will have another book out. No, not "Lovin' Lily"....that one is coming soon, though. It is what I have been working on while I have waited for Lily and Danny's story to be edited. I have written a short, motivational, non-fiction book called "The Short List". It is my personal theory and my plan that was created through prayer and searching for that 'something' to help me out of my low moments. When life gets stressful and you have too much on your plate... go back to the Short List! My Short list consists of 3 main points: Prayer, Scriptures and one more important idea! You will have to read it to find out what that third one will never guess! ( I think!) Have a great day!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Valentines Day! "Darla's Decision" would be the perfect Valentine story for 2014! A must read! A wonderful love story that will make you laugh, sigh and maybe even cry a little if you get teary-eyed very easily! The sequel in The Orchard Grove Series is getting closer to being released! I am looking forward to sharing with you Darla's brother's story! Danny has been--and always will be--in love with Lily Pratt! And she was in love with him, too! But will she still be in love with him after being gone for four long years? Two of the years were spent in Europe where she was courted by a Duke! or was it a Lord? Poor Danny is nothin' more than a hard working cowboy! Does he even stand a chance? "Lovin' Lily", book 2 in the series will be out soon!

Just returned from two weeks in Arizona. Spending time with family and celebrating my birthday! We left Idaho in a glummy inversion and came back to tons of snow and a sunny day! We are all glad to be home. Back to regular schedule tomorrow! This week will include Homeschooling my two youngest children, cleaning the house, teaching a group of young girls at Activity Days on Tuesday, Quilt group on Wednesday, Choir on Thursday and writing! Also, creating my book cover at night when the children are asleep! Happy February!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014--isn't that amazing?!  I remember in the 4th grade having to write about what life would be in the year 2000. And I don't think it is anything near what my imagination came up with! Just think of the great leaps of technology during our life time we have seen. I was in grade school in the 1970's and well...there is definitely a change in the world!
    What does the New Year have in store for you? What great goals have you set? Are you having trouble setting goals? Well, I have a book almost ready for publication that is about that very topic! Years ago a friend and I shared letters. She was struggling with "A new beginning" to life and I shared with her my theory of my "Short List". Sometimes we over load our self with all those millions of things we have waiting for us to do--or think we have to do. Some are important and some the world has made important. How do weed it all out? In my book I share with you my list that I come back to each time I get over loaded with life, and the target of my goals.
   I also share with you my personal motto that I have on my wall near my bed. "Each Moment is a New Beginning." Sometimes we have to take a step back and just begin again! Its okay to throw out the set of goals that has our wheels spinning and just start over!
      One of my New Year's goals is to see the release of the second book of The Orchard Grove Series.,"Lovin' Lily". I have a new editing team and they are helping me make great progress on my book.
 Here is a sneak preview:
          "You aimin' to kiss that there post?" Charlie chuckled. Danny's eyes flew open. "Standin' there with your lips puckered thata-way, I was wonderin' if that post was to be your next conquest in the lovin' department." Danny's cheeks warmed and he turned away for the older man standing there on the ground laughing at him. 
        "Don't know what you're talkin' about, old man," he muttered. Charlie's raspy laugh sounded again behind him.
       "You know, you should enter the pie eatin' contest if you be lookin' for someone to kiss." He walked away still chuckling low.

I appreciate all of you who have support me by purchasing my first book "Darla's Decision." I have loved your reactions and your encouragements! Thank you all so much! I hope each of you have a joyous, wonderful, adventurous NEW YEAR!
    And those of you who haven't read it yet! Make it apart of your "Must read" list for 2014!!