Sunday, May 25, 2014

Great news in my life! My husband, who has worked in North Dakota for the last two years, is now home for good! He found a job in Caldwell--here in Idaho-- working for RM Steel. Good pay--because, hey! Even though we aren't suppose to 'want' money, you just can't live without it in this world!
     I also have a new book out..."Lovin' Lily". Well, at least that is what Amazon says and several people who have already read it on kindle and in soft cover. I haven't seen it yet! That is because I am still waiting for my shipment! If I had ordered it from Amazon I would have had it in 3 days! Of course! But I ordered through my company and my shipment will be here Friday, May 30th!
     For those of you who were so awesome and bought  "Darla's Decision" knows how poorly it was edited ( first book and all--learned a lot!). GOOD NEWS! I have a new wonderful editing team! Three great women on my team!  Barbara Eastin, Shannon Hyde, and Traci Stanley! So, know that "Lovin' Lily"  was in good hands and be ready for a great read!

     Here is more good news! I have a novella series being published next. The first one--"The Cattle King" is being reviewed now as I write. It is a story about The McClaws family. Donovan is the head of the family and he speaks with a heavy Scottish Brogue! That was fun! I am still hearing the accented words in my head. I enjoyed all my researched that went into this story!
     Katie McDonald. She has arrived in Texas to live with an uncle she has never met. When she is greeted by her uncle he tells her not to bother unpacking because she will not be staying. He has bargained her away to Donovan McClaws, known as The Cattle King!
     Unfortunately, before they can be properly introduced, Katie and her niece and nephew accidently shoot the man! That isn't the only trouble. Donovan has several brothers--who will really own Katie's heart in the end? 
    This is the first in a group of mini-stories. It is for those who want to have a little romance in their day without reading a whole novel! When the day is rushed. Just take a few minutes for a quick read from one of my historical novellas!

    Summer is here! Have a good one! Order a book for your summer reading. Check out my deals on my blogsight!

Monday, May 19, 2014

"Lovin' Lily" is here! It is available at Amazon. softcover and Kindle. You many order your copies from me also! If you haven't read Darla's Decision, you should take advantage of my two for one price Special. You can purchase "Darla's Decision" and "Lovin' Lily" for $25.00! For the month of June. It is a whopper of a deal! I am taking pre-orders now.
    Check out my sneak peak previews about "Lovin' Lily" on my previous blogs. It is a love story that survives trials, separation and misunderstandings. It is a historical fiction--clean read. The characters will stay in your heart! Get ready for some great summer reading!
     Check out my other books also. "The Short List" and "In the Kitchen with Gretchen"! Stock up for the summer! It's coming up faster then you know!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wahoo! "Lovin' Lily" is almost here! Today my book is at it's final review and then will be available for purchase!
     Here is a sneak preview:

           "What are they doin' in there?" Lily paced back and forth in front of the large living room window. Her mother sat in a soft, flowery chair embroidering a daisy onto a pillowcase.
       "What does it matter to you, dear? You hardly look at him, much less speak to him." Her mother laid her work on her lap and spread her fingers over her work. "Why don't you find something to do before you wear a hole in the carpet."
       Lily sat down hard onto the sofa. "Humph!" She crossed her arms and then sighted very dramatically. "He wouldn't speak to me even if I wanted to speak to him. He doesn't even care that I am alive!" Lily flopped sideways onto a pillow. ......
         A tear slowly made a path down her right cheek. "I used to imagine coming home and finding Danny waiting for me."
    "Well, he was there waiting for you at the train station and you snubbed him............

Get read for some good summer reading! "Lovin' Lily" will be available on Amazon, or through Createspace E-store, also Available through me! Starting May 19th. If you haven't read "Darla's Decision" you will be able to get the set for a special discounted price in a Memorial Day weekend sale! Two for $25.00! Its a smokin' hot deal! Give me a call! and Place your order now! 208-722-5676.