Author Page #3---Cookbooks!

I love to cook! The books below include our favorite recipes! Simple instructions to learn from and great for family time!


Learn something new this year!

"In the Kitchen with Gretchen--Let's Make Bread!"

#1 Introducing Gretchen Loya!

This is the book I co-authored with my 12-year-old daughter. We had such a great time. And she is a creative young lady! 

Her  book is a step-by-step picture book on how to make bread from bread machines! 

 Her books motto is...."If I can do can you!" 

    This book is perfect for beginner bread makers or for children. It has easy to follow directions and the results are.....Delicious!!

Side note about this author...she is now 16!
This is Gretchen, Author of "In the Kitchen with Gretchen". She was 12 years old when she asked me to help her co-author her book. She loved talking to people at her book signings. She was very successful in her sales of her book. The people loved her energy and her smile.
       She is currently a Junior in high school. She runs cross country and track--very successfully. She is the top long distance runner on her team. She plays several instruments-the flute is her strongest instrument along with her voice. She is fun and outgoing.  Any money she earns from her book goes into her college fund.
    She appreciates all the support her readers have given her. This book is a great gift to grand-kids or to anyone wanting to learn to bake homemade bread.

#2 "Cooking on a Tight Budget....and Other Helpful Tips!"
This book is full of information to help a beginner in the kitchen: Nutrition information, budget plans for two to four people, recipes for cooking from scratch--biscuits and gravy, chili beans and corn bread, yeast breads, pasta recipes, roasts, potatoes, and quick tips for in a pinch cooking moments. There are many simple tips and delicious, easy to cook recipes...perfect for newcomers to the kitchen!

**Includes some of our family's favorite recipes!

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