Monday, May 1, 2017


May is a awkward month. It can be full of sunny, spring days or cold, windy, rainy days.We had three days last week that started out rainy and cold, and then ended in sunshine. Like Mother Nature couldn't make up her mind.    
      But for sure, the flowers are amazing! I love Spring flowers. It makes my day to see new flowers blooming.
       May is a transition month also. School is out, seniors graduate. Spring cleaning hits us. Out with the old and in with the new! It is a time for new paint in the living room. Everything gets a face lift and feels new again.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April!....Spring! Spring! Spring!

I love spring time. Flowers are so beautiful. New green grass, fruit trees begin to bloom. Life is renewed!
   Sometimes we just need that renewal time for ourselves. I believe in new beginnings, but sometimes it isn't about starting over, but maybe a new look all hairdo. New paint on the house, new nail color, plow up the old garden and change what you will do with it for once. Spring is about change for me! And as I said in the past...CHANGE IS GOOD!!
     SO let it happen! Give yourself permission to do something different. I am adopting an old the spring I used to get rid of everything in my house that I haven't used for 2 years. After I went through  my cancer-- 4 years ago-- my energy level to get stuff done was just gone. It is finally flowing in my veins again! So let the fun begin! Last week I burned all the old broken furniture in my house! It felt GREAT! Okay..maybe the chair wasn't broken..but it was ugly! So it had to go! I tried to give it takers so it had to go. Now to continue my deep..and I mean DEEP spring cleaning! It is long over due! OVER HAUL TIME FOR MY HOUSE! Happy spring cleaning to all of you!

New Children's book released!

Check it out on  "non-fiction Author page"!

How to help teach your child to read! A book written from my 13 years of experience teaching Pre-school and 18 years of Homeschooling.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day!


 Top of the mornin' to ye!

St Patrick's Day was always simple, a bit dreaded, but a fun holiday. Wear green or get pinched! In our home, it goes a little deeper! We keep trying to catch that pesky Leprechaun.
     Every March 17th...our milk turns green! It's been happening for years! My 6 children spent years trying to catch the tricky little man. My youngest is 15 and the tradition still goes strong.
    Along with trying to catch the Leprechaun in action, our meals for the day take on a green tint also. Green pancakes, lunch and dinner-- everything about the meals through out the day is green! ...Green salad, asparagus, green jello, green mashed potatoes, green rolls, lime green punch, etc. 
     One year the chicken was suppose to be green, but it turned out looking like yellow slimy chicken. It was difficult to eat at first for some. But it was a great family time! Since then we steer clear of trying to taint the meat--it is a little difficult.

    Family traditions are a great thing. They can be started at anytime. It is never too late to pull together a simple dinner, send out a few text to have your family members clear their calendar. 
      The time you spend with your family building memories is priceless. Just do it! It may take some time and energy to get the family all together in one place, but it is well worth it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February... The month of...LOVE.
What do you love? I love to Read! I love to listen to uplifting music as I work. I love to sit in a clean house...but that means I have to clean it too! I LOVE my family. I appreciate the great times they have shared with me! I love hearing them come home!

    I love friends and making new friends!

I love Chocolate! Makes me feel happy to share it with someone too!..with popcorn! Yummm!

    Just find a little happiness by loving the little things in your day.
The cat laying on the chair, the bird playing in the yard outside the window. That small piece of Chocolate melting in your mouth. The taste of a cool glass of water! The smile in someone's eyes as they greet you! I love my bed! My house!
     Every day is filled with loving blessings...count your blessings today!

February...a new month. A new start to begin....again!
     This is a great time to reset those New Year's Resolutions you have already balled on...and START AGAIN!
      February...can you believe it? Here in Parma, Idaho we have spent our first month of the year covered in snow. Some New Year Resolutions may not have even had a chance to here is another opportunity.
      "Exercise? New Job? Diet? Spend more time with family?" Whatever the plan was.... Just  reset your goals and get back to work again.

Happy Valentine's Day!  Don't forget to plan that special date with your valentine.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy New Year! 2017

As a kid, I never thought I would see the year 2000! It seemed so far away.    Well, I figured out a long time ago I was going to see a lot of the 2000++ years to come.
     SO here is to another new year!! What will your new year be like? Do you have great plans already? New uplifting goals? New hopes and dreams for this new year we are facing. I sure hope so. I love Christmas...but I love to see the New Year roll in. I love January..... newest beginning!! I need my new beginnings. I need my 'start over' moments and my 'do overs'. But I also enjoy continuing the good things I've got going for me already. I hope you can find the good things worth keeping and look at your year in a positive way...I hope you find more then new years "Do overs!" 
     I am grateful for many things in my life...Lets make this year a year of "Counting our blessings" and to find more blessings to add to the list!
     SO Happy New Year and hope you are counting your many blessings!

Friday, November 25, 2016

December.....a month of pondering, reflection and hope.

December is a favorite month. Obviously because Christmas is big part of that month. But what is Christmas to me? Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 
     Some may wonder "Did he really exist?" That is when faith comes into it. I have the faith that there is a God in heaven, that he is my creator and Heavenly Father. That there was a plan that sent us all to this earth on a journey. God sent us to experience life--birth, choice and accountability, family and of course to test our faith. He wanted to see if we would have enough faith to return home to him. Part of that plan included a safe loop hole.--a Savior. Someone who loved us enough to make sure we had the help we needed to return to our heavenly home safely.
     The Savior came as our example of how to live. Because, as in our life here, there are rules and guidelines that must be met before we can be in God's presence again. God is perfection...we are not. So Christ is a our Mediator. He will stand with us before God when it is time to report what we learned on our journey.
    This earthly experience is different for all of us, but we have one thing in common. We will return to see faith has been convinced of this. I believe in God, so there for I believe in the Savior and I believe in all the prophets that were sent as our road map to return to heaven.
     Christ was sent as a baby to gain an earthly body as we had to...he had a family, that he learned from and spent time with in his youth before being sent out to complete his mission that he was sent to do. A pattern that our own life would follow. 
     Christ came to atone for the sins of all of us. God is a perfect being and no imperfect being can live in his presences. Christ is that key...our connection. He will stand with us, accepting all the mistakes and sorrowful moments we collect on our journey here. He will stand with us to make us whole, taking our sin upon himself...making us pure once again to stand with God.
           This is my testimony of God's plan and of the Savior. I know that God lives and loves us. That Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. I know that the scriptures and the teachings of the prophets...old and living...are tools to help us return to our Heavenly Father.
        Christmas...celebrating the birth of a very important part of God's plan for his children to return to him. Merry Christmas.

Monday, November 14, 2016

November !! Busy month...
#1--Daniel leaves on his Mission in 2 days!!
#2--We had my Holiday Cottage Boutique the last week of October instead of November.
#3-- Daniel, Gretchen and I went to Arizona so Daniel could see family before he left.
#4--My daughter from Missouri surprised us-with her 2 little kids.
#5--Had an early Thanksgiving with Daniel.

Had seven of my ten grand kids here with us.
Loved every minute!

Family makes the difference!! 
These days I hear of so many people who are squabbling with a family member--even within my own family.  Is it worth it to hold onto the grudge and anger?....Will it matter in ten years?
      All I know is that you have missed out on ten years of family closeness,  good times, and peace of heart. What can be so important to fight Hurtful words?  Jealousy? Oh, I know these are REAL feelings involved in such incidents. Pride stands in the way of apologies and lack of forgiveness.
     I love my family. I need my family! I hope all is well with yours!