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New Book Released! Just in time for a cup of hot Chocolate and a good Christmas story!

Kindle available A Home for Christmas (click here)
Print available in 2 weeks.

"A Home for Christmas"

 (A Romantic Ending 1)

Kari McKenzie needs a home for Christmas! Her roommates moved out, she lost her job, and her mother had remarried and moved two states away. 
     She had been on her way to a much needed job interview when the accident had occurred. Now what would she do? She would be in the streets by Christmas for sure!
    Tanner Johnson needs a wife by his twenty-sixth birthday, which happens to be Christmas Eve. He had sworn off women after being left at the alter, but his Granddad had interfered from the grave and he would lose the ranch Tanner loved if he didn't find a wife...and soon!
    When Tanner overheard the EMT's questioning the young woman, his mind started forming a plan. Kari needed a home and he needed a wife! Maybe the accident was no accident at all!

Christmas is coming!  

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Fun facts!!

Tid-bit of info to readers and writers:

What determines whether you are reading a novel or a novella? Many opinions on the internet these days..but here is what I found:

Flash fiction: 53 to 1,000 words
Short story: 3,500 to 7,500 words
Novelette: 7,500 to 17,000 words
Novella: 17,000 to 40,000 words
Novel: 40,000 to more

Word count is debatable. Some claim a novel to be 80,000 to 120,000. Romances can be shorter is the general census, ( 40,000 and more),  but science fiction, fantasy and horror novels usually run 240,00 or more words. Amazing!!

    Novels like the Harry Potter series ran 1,084,170 words total. The book "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix itself was 251, 045 words. "Lord of the Rings" also ran about that level of words too.

I write mostly Romance Novels/Novellas  with a few Novelettes it appears!...So here are a few word counts from my books.

Just for fun!

Orchard Grove series:                                                    
"Darla's Decision"....148,467 words                                  
"Lovin' Lily"....97,642 words
"Colton's Cabin"....79,704 words                                    

 Morris Brother series:                                                    
"Dangerous Romance"....46,077

"A Christmas Romance"...29, 045
"A Christmas Stalker"...31,161

"Divided Hearts"....43,651

"A Kiss for Autumn"....18,048

Of course, depending on the size of the book and size of the print determines if it  "looks" like a novel to you or not! So many details! Just enjoy the read! That is what matters the most!


   " Divided Hearts"

..Available now  Divided Hearts  (Click here)...print or kindle on Amazon.

                  A romance novel

Nina's heart is divided between two brothers. There really isn't a choice, though her heart begs her to choose the brother that she knows she will love forever.'
    Love doesn't matter when accountability must govern who she should marry. She knows that she owes everything...a lifetime of commitment the brother that will live the rest of his life in a wheelchair because of her.
    When tragedy strikes again, will she be left all alone? Is she being punished for making the wrong choices? But now it's too late. Ryan left the day she married his brother, Troy.
    When a second chance for love comes along, will Nina take it? Or will her stubborn pride keep her divided from the one she loves once again?


Here is my Valentine Story ...ready for you to read!

 "A Dangerous Romance"...for most people Valentine's Day meant chocolate, flowers and love. But not for Isaac Morris and Sadie Carter. Finally after two years of working together, Isaac is ready to admit he has fallen for Sadie. He had a sweet Valentine planned for them, but he wasn't expecting the danger Sadie was now facing. Her ex-boyfriend wasn't ready to let her go and each act became more violent. He had to get her away from the situation.
   Sadie had no family and nowhere to go to get away from the out of control ex-boyfriend from her past. Isaac steps up to protect her, making her feel loved and cared for. The police wasn't having much luck in stopping the violent acts directed at the couple. Isaac decides that he would have to protect her the best he knew how. He takes her home to his family farm in the middle of Idaho where he and his brother's can help protect her. No one could have know how dangerous the romance for Isaac and Sadie would become. What would Sadie do if she lost the love of her life because of a mistake in her past?

A Dangerous Romance (Click here)   find it on Amazon...print or Kindle.

A Christmas story!

A Kindle Christmas Novel...print version available!

Christmas Cookies with a Pinch of Love (click on link)

Derek loves Christmas and shares his Christmas spirit through the whole apartment complex. Jasmine has forgotten it was Christmas until Derek saved her from her overbearing Uncle and hides her in his apartment.
     Derek helps Jasmine out of her shell she has been hiding in and introduces her to the loving people that are her new neighbors. 
     Derek finds any excuse to spend time with Jasmine as often as he can. The next two weeks are filled with helping Jasmine get ready for Christmas--Setting up a tree, watching Christmas movies, ice skating, and fixing dinners for each other.
     Jasmine works at a care center and her three sweet elderly friends take a great interest in Jasmine's love life. They try to advise her based on their own experiences. Mixed with their lack of hearing and aged wisdom, the three women make Jasmine laugh and lighten the stressful moments of her life.
    The happiest moments are spent with Derek. How could she not fall in love with a man who makes Christmas Cookies? 

December!!! Enjoy one of my Christmas stories:

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 and read my two free Christmas stories.

"A Kiss for Autumn

A sweet romance to jump start your fall holiday season. This book was written for those who like to wait for the kiss at the end of the book!
$8.00 print......$3.99 for kindle

Landon King fell for Autumn Price years ago, but she had left town and never looked back. Now he had his dream job, but no wife or kids...and Autumn was still on his mind.

 Autumn felt like a failure having to come home with no degree and no job. Her sister, April, was quick to point out her loser status every time they met.
Landon and Autumn were dating steadily now, but he still hadn't kissed her. Why not? Maybe her sister was right? Maybe she wasn't good enough for Landon!

Soon to be released!!: 

"The Unexpected Betrothal"..... 
..........a historical fiction novel.

 Now in review! (Cover subject to change before it is actually released.)


Thanks for those who took part in the kindle $1.99 sale last week! I appreciate your support!!


A collection of romance short stories focused on the 4th of July Celebration!

Titles of the stories are:
"Her Stolen Heart"
"Dreams Come True"
"The Unforgettable Parade"
"Fireworks and Foul Play"

 It is ready to read! 
Click on link below
 "Moments in Time* 4th of July Short Stories" Print
 Kindle- "Moments in Time"

Book 1, 2 and 3 of  "An Orchard Grove Series". 

Here they are....Together!!   Meet the people of Orchard Grove, Idaho. 
      In Book One, "Darla's Decision" you will meet beautiful Darla Thompson. She is faced with one of the biggest decisions of her life! Who should she marry? 
     When Darla's childhood crush marries her best friend, suddenly it is brought to Darla's attention that there are many young men vying for her attention.  First, the pesky rancher and younger brother of her crush. Next there is the quiet-spoken mercantile owner with his strong faith. Third, the handsome preacher, and last, the suave college graduate who returned to their small town with the intent to pursue Darla!
    Darla's faith will be tested as she tries to discover God's will for her life. Will she make the right choice?

    Book Two  "Lovin' Lily", features the love story between Darla's brother, Danny Thompson, and Matthew Pratt's younger sister, Lily Pratt. They fall in love when Danny takes Matthew's place out at the Pratt's ranch. To their dismay, Lily's parents send her away to finishing school. What should have been a short two years turns into much longer. 
    Lily Pratt is finally going home! She can't wait to be back with her favorite horse and ride with the wind her her hair. But what if HE is still working for her father? That lying cowboy!
   Danny Thompson has experienced more sorrow and heartache then he cared to ever experience again! But he was no longer the young scrawny kid Lily left behind and now he had to face his worst fear. Did Lily still love him after all these years?
   Lily was returning from living among high society. Would simple country life still be enough for her now?

     Book Three  "Colton's Cabin", is finally here and ready for you! 
     Colton Bingham enjoyed his hermit existence. The town folk stayed out of his way and that was the way he liked it. To be honest, though, it was getting a bit lonely. Was he ready to seek out a woman to share his life with?
    There was no chance that Melissa Harrison was ever going to catch herself a man. Though she had to admit she was over her infatuation with Matthew Pratt. She wasn't as hostile as the town made her out to be!She wanted to have a family of her own some day! 
   Her family had to admit she was spoiled and that she may have burnt her bridges in the town of Orchard Grove. Her father decided it was time his rude daughter learned some homemaking skills. Melissa felt she was being mistreated and threw a tantrum that would change her life forever.
    When Colton found Melissa injured and a long ways from home, he had no choice but to take her to his cabin. When she came out of her unconscious state and didn't know who she was much less Colton's name, he took the opportunity to claim the woman he loved in his youth as his own. But what would happen when Melissa regained her memory?

*"Darla's Decision" is available through me at this time...changing company and is undergoing cover change and re-editing......Find it on my home page...price and shipping info, too. (Click on home page)
*"Lovin' Lily" is available on Amazon.print and Kindle form, Also available on Barnes and Noble.....(Click on title find it on Amazon)
 *"Cotlon's Cabin" is also available on Amazon and Kindle, Coming soon to Barnes and Noble.  (click on title)

Happy reading!!!!!


Lori S. of Parma, Idaho... Winner of the Facebook drawing give-a-way! The prize was a copy of "A Dangerous Romance"! When I contacted Lori about her prize, her words were. "I never win!" Enjoy your new book, Lori! 

It is here! Newly Released Novel!
"A Dangerous Romance"    
Here is a Sneak Preview:
Isaac fell in love with Sadie right from the beginning. She had worked for him for two years now and he had managed to keep his distance. He was a professional. Employers didn't mingle with the employee, right?
    He'd had enough of watching the love of his life being stalked and pressured by her ex-boyfriend/employer. He was going to put a stop to it this time. Isaac had had enough!
    Isaac decided to romance Sadie. He intended to irritate her ex, hoping the guy would back off finally, but at the same time, he wanted to win Sadie for himself. 
    But things changed. Evil, ugly events begin to happen and Sadie was scared! After the black flowers and Isaac being ran off the road, it was now a matter for the police. Matters continued to become worse until Isaac decided it was time to get Sadie out of town. It was time to run...he was going to hide her. He wanted Sadie safe; out of the creep's reach.
    This is a story of intrigue and unexpected events! How was Isaac and Sadie to know that their sweet Valentine romance would turn out to be such a dangerous romance!
"A Dangerous Romance" $10.00 (print and kindle ready!)

Meet Gideon, "The Brave Knight". (Click here)

This story was written from the imagination of my four-year-old grandson, Gideon. 
     He said to me, "Grandma, I have a story in my head. I have lots of stories in there!" So I asked him to tell me one of his stories, and the story of Gideon, the brave knight, and his friends the Fire Knights poured out! He told it without pause! So I quickly begin to write it as he told me. Then we found pictures online to best show what his mind had created. SO enjoy! He definitely has a great imagination!

     "The fire knights needed more fire for their swords. The only way to get more fire was to fight a fire breathing dragon. Gideon and his friends went in search of the last fire breathing dragon in the valley of the deep, dark cave. But to there surprise they found 2 dragons!"
     Find out why the second Dragon was so special that she had been hidden from everyone until now.


"A Christmas Wish" (click here)
    "Christmas was for disappointment and empty wishes. That is the way that Samantha Farnsworth felt about Christmas in the Clark's Orphanage where she had been raised.
   Darrell filled her head with scriptures about God's love and his own empty promises. Where were they when you needed them...not here.
    Samantha was sure this Christmas wasn't going to be much different until she went for a walk Christmas Morning and found the true gift of Christmas. The answers she had needed were in her heart all along." 


And here it is! "Little Bits of Love" series presents:
 "Christopher's Trail" (Click here)

Christopher McClaws was in search of his future. He had left his family behind in Texas...along with the pain from seeing the woman he loved married to his brother. He had to find a place for himself.
     The Arizona Territory was hot, and Chris was sunburned and thirsty. He had reached the Cobre Valley area and had been ordered out of town by the sheriff. On the way out, Chris was surprised by a young girl jumping out of hiding, begging him to help her. He looked into her dark eyes and knew he would help the lass.
    Tally Watson couldn't believe how quickly her life had turned from bad to worse. She had just buried her pa and the most vile man in town was trying to force her to marry him. Now while she was riding away with a stranger speaking in a Scottish brogue, she is being shot at! What would happen next to the poor girl?

Find it on Amazon...print and Kindle forms.

Sequel to "The Cattle King"...follow the McClaws clan! 
You will find four novellas in the "Little Bits of Love" series.

Thank you to all of you who took part in the Countdown! Hope you enjoyed the Novella!

         Read about all my books below. You will find descriptions and sneak peeks. Enjoy. You may purchase them directly from me or follow the Amazon link attached to each book title.


The Tenderhearted Fairy

Introducing a fun little book I have written with my granddaughter, Annalyse! Children have the greatest imaginations! She wanted a book about fairies and she begin to describe the I introduce to you Annalyse, the special Giraffe fairy! Read about this tenderhearted fairy and her friends! They love to share and find ways to help others be happy.

Coming next will be the book I made with my grandson, Gideon... "The Brave Knight!" You will meet his brave knight friends and their fire swords!

A Tenderhearted Fairy (Click this link to find it on Amazon!)

Check out my other books by typing my name at Amazon. Or click on my name below:
             Donetta Loya....check out my other books! 

"Love at Last" ( New "Little Bits of Love") --(Historical fiction) 


A new addition to the "Little Bits of Love" collection.  A little bit of romance for those with little time to read. (Historical Novellas)

About the story:
    Eric Shepard could set Hilary Echol's temper on edge just by walking through the door of her family's General store. It didn't matter that he was the most handsome man in their little town.  She refused to let go of the anger she felt towards him for walking Sarahlynn home all those years ago. It didn't matter how many times he gave her his charming smile, she would never give in. 
      What made matters worse was the fact her parents seem to like him more then their own daughter! Her mother was always inviting the handsome farmer to supper every time he came to town. She couldn't believe it when she learned that her own father had even tried to bribe the man to ask for her hand! That didn't help Eric win over Hilary one bit!
      When the inheritance Eric received from his dead aunt turned out to be his three little cousins, his first impulse was to ask Hilary to help him, but She laughed in his face, and he didn't think he could ever convince her that the little girls needed her...that he needed her.
    If he could only figure out what he had done to earn her never ending wrath, he would do anything to fix it!  Only then, would he finally be able to earn her love at last and his world would be complete.  Love at Last

  ***Check out my  my home page. 

"A Christmas Romance"

This is a contemporary story.

No snowstorm was going to keep Kaylee Brinkerhoff from getting to her Nana's for Christmas!
She had never been wrong about a prompting before.

    When the half-frozen woman fell into the cabin, practically at his feet, Chad Hancock knew he had been sent an angel for Christmas. But when the angel turned out to be Martha Swenson's beautiful grand-daughter, Chad knew this was going to be a great Christmas! Now, if he could only convince Kaylee that she was the girl of his dreams--it would definitely be the most romantic Christmas ever!

A Christmas Romance

"Little Bits of Love" are my Novellas--short stories for those of you who want to read but don't have time for a full novel! Enjoy!

 "The Cattle King" Historical Fiction

"Mister! Oh, my gosh, mister!" Kate McDonald's hands shook as she knelt over the black-haired man on the ground. "We're sorry! We didn't mean to!" Her whisper was full of panic, tears burned her eyes as she willed them not to fall.
    "Is he...dead, Katie?" The ten-year-old's voice warbled with fear. "Pa is gonna give me a lickin' something fierce!" His anxious voice exclaimed as he bent over the prone body in front of him.
    "It's him!" Rudy whispered. Katie glanced at the boy.
    "Who?" She looked confused.
    "The Cattle King!" Katie's eyes flew to the man. Her cheeks flamed to a bright red.
     Here, on the ground before her, was the man her uncle had arranged to become her husband.

November 17, 2014
  Mail-Ordered Happiness-- Historical Fiction

 "Here, open your hand." His eyes smiled into hers as she obeyed. Randall placed two sugar cubes in her palm. She laughed out loud.
     "How did you know what I was thinking?" Marybeth asked in bewilderment, his eyes locked with hers. 
     "You told me in your letters that you walked every day in the park and always carried sugar cubes in your bag, in case you were allowed to pet someone's horse." Randall moved to the platform and in one swift movement he had the trunk hefted and into the wagon. Her eyes were captured by the picture his muscular shoulders made as they flexed across his homespun brown shirt.
     "Oh, my!" she whispered to the horse.

November 9th, 2014

  "My Christmas Stalker".  
This story was written last Christmas for my daughter, Jessica. She called me up one morning and said, "Mom, I have your next story!" It was one of those dreams that you remember when you wake up and feel like you had been there for real. We laughed over it for a few minutes and I told her to write it down. I surprised her with a printed paper copy of it for Christmas last year. After she read it, she told me, "Mom, you have to publish this!" So I did! Of course, I added a little bit of my own twists and creativeness. So here it is!

An LDS contemporary storyline:

Whitley had noticed the man pacing outside the pastry shop. What she didn't know was that he had already seen her, watched her, actually, on a hidden camera...earlier in his family's elite dress shop a few streets over yesterday morning.
    He wasn't really stalking her...he just wanted to get to know her better.
     "May I help you?" Whitley asked softly.
      "Well, I will take the sweetest thing you have behind the counter." He winked at her. "The lady's recommendation is enough for me." He smiled at her. Her bones melted slightly at his low voice. Oh, he had a sexy voice! Chills ran up and down her spine.
    "Anything in this case would be just the thing to satisfy a sweet tooth." She was surprised at how calmly she answered the good looking guy.
     "And what about behind the counter?" He stuck out his hand. "My name is David." Whitley hesitated before she extended her hand in return and shook his hand. A ringing sounded softly. Was it a sign?
     "I'm afraid the only thing available behind these counter are the things in the food cases." She felt a twinge of regret at that moment. She never gave her name out to just anyone. Her smile felt like an apology to the dreamy guy staring at her.
     His pearly white teeth flashed her another smile that made her knees feel rubbery. "Don't think I didn't notice you didn't give me your name." He leaned on the counter. "Just a name." In the back of her mind she heard the same bell again. What could it mean? Was it message from God?
    "Whitley," she said softly. Her heart beating rapidly.
    "Whitley." He smiled. "Nice to meet you, Whitley."

      As he walked through the door, the same ringing she had been hearing sounded again...only louder. Whitley finally realized what she the ringing had meant--the shop was full of hungry customers!



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