Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    Colton's Cabin has been released!! 

Enjoy a great, clean read romance. Book 3 in 
An Orchard Grove Series!' Read about it on my Author's pages!

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Monday, April 4, 2016

April is already here! The weather is changing back and forth...cold with snow clouds floating over head, then the next day it is a sky full of warm sunshine and rising temperatures. Just as we say, "Yes, spring is finally here!" We wake up to more clouds and cold temperatures.

   Remember the old saying... "April showers bring May flowers." I love the April flowers also! Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths! Gorgeous signs of spring.I love flower season!!

    The other fun signs of spring for our family are tennis rackets and new running shoes! Our family has enjoyed the sport of tennis. Two of my kids have state champion titles and went on to play college tennis. My son, Martin, took first in singles and doubles at Divisional for his college team his second year. Melanie played tennis in college and went on to use her love for tennis. She currently works at a tennis club and is a certified instructor. Daniel is a senior and has scholarship offers waiting for him.He has a recorded serve at 110 mph. He is hoping to follow in his siblings footsteps and place at state this year. Tennis is a sport that doesn't end in high school. It is a life long sport. Everyone can enjoy it! In our family, we start them young! (Picture of Heath, Melanie's baby.)

Fun story: Melanie and her family were here this past weekend. Heath is almost 3 now. We were driving in the car past some green wheat fields and Heath would push up out of his chair to look out the window. "There! There is a tennis ball! See it?" or "I see a tennis ball! Let's go get it!" He had tennis on the brain! It was so fun! The kids all made time to head to the tennis courts while Melanie and her family were visiting. Fun times!
      There are so many fun family, spring-time activities....I hope your family has a favorite one! The most important things is...Just spend time together! Laugh, make memories...it will bring your family closer! Happy Spring!