My favorite things....

About me.
I was born and raised in Arizona. My birthday is in January. I love music. I taught piano and voice for 25 years. I am a homeschooling mom of 18 years. I  grew up camping and hiking. Love the mountains and love to sit near a lake or stream. My favorite color for clothes is power color! I love to decorate my home in blues..such a calming color.  
    I have been married to Greg Loya for 34 years. I have 6 children, and 11 grand kids, with another one on the way.
    I love to read. I hate to get books from libraries because I have to give them back! I love gardening and flowers. I sew and host a quilt group in my home each month.
    Life is good and God has blessed my life in so many ways. There have been many tender mercies in my life and I am so grateful for the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

January 2018.......Happy New Year! 
Enjoy 2 year's worth of my favorite things! I still love the same things. Not planning on changing at this point!

December....I love Christmas!

I love the lights, the family time, the music and the smells of Christmas. I love to drive around and see the lights on all the houses! Make time to enjoy Christmas the way you want to!

Novemeber.....I love Thanksgiving.

I love cooking for my family. I love the planning, the preparing, and the perfect time that it takes to put the meal together for everyone. 
I love making food look 'pretty'!

October....I love pumpkins!

I love pumpkins in the fall! I'm not so much in love with jack o'lanterns as I am with just the big, round pumpkin! I used to LOVE growing our own, but now, I love going on a hayride at our local farmers market to pick our own pumpkins with the grand kids. So fun!

September.....I love the back to school time of the year.
As a kid I was ready for school to start, to get back into the swing of learning. As a parent, I am ready for some alone time! Some earned "me" time....later the silence comes, but at the beginning, the quiet is heaven!

August...I love books!

I have loved books since I ..can't even remember! I love the feel, the smell.... of a new book! I love to read Historical fiction... My favorite! Janette Oke was a personal favorite author growing up, Amish books are fun reads also. but I enjoy classics like "Les Miserables.'  ....and Now! I write my own books! Love the creativeness of writing...Sometimes I even surprise myself!


I love fireworks and family Barbecues!!


I love summer. I love My dad. Happy Father's Day to the fathers out there.
My dad..LaVon Max Johnston

  My children's dad...
 Gregory Scott Loya


May just makes me think of flowers! My favorite always... is carnations, but I love all flowers!

I love Easter! Every spring we got a new dress, new socks, and new shoes. And then our Easter basket held Easter Candy and the colored eggs we made, but Easter bunny didn't bring stuffed bunnies. No. The gifts left for my sister and I were nice pieces of jewelry, or something else we could take to church with us...I have a collection of Perfume pendants from Avon! Once I received a locket necklace and a couple of occasions we received a pair of earrings. My brother got a new tie or new socks in his basket. A couple of times we got little books of bible stories from our church book store. I loved Easter! Still do! The tradition was passed down to my kids.

March.....means spring to me! Seasons are changing again. Flowers are coming back! I love flowers! Makes me want to dance a happy jig!

Favorite things this month:...February 2017
Chocolate...but not just any chocolate...Hershey Chocolate!

New Year......2017 
I love New Years! It is a time to begin new things and to reset your goals. I clean up my house and look for great new things to fill my day!


I love the Christmas Holidays. I Love the lights of Christmas! I love how a tree sparkles when the lights are off. I can sit for hours just looking at the white lights twinkling in the dark. I love the reflection off the shiny ornaments. I love how the snow sparkles in the sun! 

October /November:

I love pumpkins! Pumpkins are awesome! A pumpkin represents fall to me....of course!

I love Family Time in the pumpkin patch and yummy pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving!

September: I love the beginning of fall!..It is harvest time...fresh fruit, canning, the leaves have a touch of change and the weather has made a shift too.....its coming...can't you feel it?
I love fall!!!


 One of my favorite things... is staying home! I love my home...I love spending time there with my family...and I enjoy my quiet time to myself!


Camping! I love to camp. My family went camping for their vacations growing up. My dad was a scout master and he was always checking out the next place to go with his troop. We spent weekends hiking and exploring. Camping was the best though.
     I take my kids camping. I own my own camping hubby always worked or he wasn't ready to go without his shower for too long, so I would pack up the kids once a summer and take them camping.
    I love the mountains, the fresh air, the pine trees, the creeks, and the family time! I love the smell of the campfire. I like to sit and watch the colors in the flame change from oranges, to blues, to reds.
    I enjoy the cool, crisp morning air and the quiet moments before the family starts to get up.
    Hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows and singing around the campfire! Its all Great!!

May.... makes me think of my mother. Happy Mother's Day!! One of my favorite things is Family!! Our family was full of music every day because of my mother, and her mother,...and that is the kind of home I have tried to have with my children. Here is a song dedicated to my mother.  Thank you for teaching me music, mama!
 *** (Click here) (One day I will replace this music video with one of me and my daughters singing.)   
Dorothy Nelson Johnston the greatest mom ever! The words of this song spoke to my heart the first time I heard it. It is our family's song!

April-- Spring is one of my favorite things! I love flowers.

From February's crocus to the last zinnias and marigolds in the fall. Flowers are friendly and make me feel happy! Green grass, water, shade trees and picnics! Spring is awesome!


I love Music! I play the piano, flute, guitar, church organ, ukelele and I love to sing! In high school, I sang in competitions and was a member of the honor choir for  3 years. I received a scholarship for NAU's summer music festival the summer of my Junior year. I learned so much there.  

       Music continues to play a big part of my life. I have taught piano of 30 years along with voice lessons. I taught guitar for a while too. Music is a tradition in my family. Music goes back many generations. It is a great heritage!
     Music can lift the soul...bring calmness to a troubled day, sooth sorrows, and teach us great truths. Music can inspire us and can take us to great spiritual heights! I love seeing the faces of people when music has touched their hearts!!
      Music is definitely one of my favorite things!

Thoughts for February 2016:
                Reading will always be my top favorite!
If you can can do anything! I believe that one hundred percent!!

         I love to the piano!

*I love to sew quilts for my family. 

*My favorite flower is Carnations. 

AND Don't forget CHOCOLATE! I love chocolate...Anything Hershey's along with Utah Truffles are my favorite!

My most favorite thing in the world is.....BOOKS!

       I bet you never guessed that!
     "Nancy Drew!" 
 One of my favorite childhood book series was "Nancy Drew" mysteries! I read every single one of them. I kept a list and checked them off...and then I started on the "Hardy Boys"...and read each one of them. I was going to solve mysteries, just like Nancy, when I grew up!
    They were written by ghost writers under the pseudonym of Carolyn Keene. The publisher, Edward Stratemeyer, was the one who originally came up with the idea of creating the series.

When I got older I loved to read Historical fiction! My favorite Author is: 

Janette Oke....
Her series "Love Come Softly" was recommended by a friend. I read the whole series in a week and then from there kept reading Janette Oke's works.
    Her writing is clean, touching, and based on her christian life. Her writings helped build a love for historical times for me. That became my focus of my own writing when I first began.

The first book I bought of Janette Okes was "Roses for Mama." A sweet book of a young girl honoring her mother.

I also love to read for enrichment:

One of the most inspirational books I have ever read was written by Anita Canfield. It is a short read called,  "A Woman and her Self- Esteem." I was able to hear Mrs. Canfield speak in person and I had to buy her book. I was a young mother, about 23 years old. She touched something in me and her words and reminders influenced who I wanted to be. I bought the book and used it to remind myself often through the years that I am a daughter of God and I have a lot to offer....and it didn't matter what anyone else said or how they tried to make me feel. I am important. The book is still available on amazon. Highly recommended!
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