Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A new month!
 March can be such a fun month...it is beginning to feel like spring again...we start planning what we will do in the warm weather...gardening, spring sports, walking or hiking a little more. 
      I am seeing the long thin leaves of the tulips and daffodils sprouting out of the ground. Now I will begin to watch for the first bloom! Ah....Spring is coming again! Can't you feel it? Take a deep breath when you are outside.
     Each month makes me think of new goals, new projects and more family time outside!
      It's such a great time of the year! I hope you feel the energy of the season and have a great Springtime to come!!

Introducing my newest Non fiction booklet.

 This is a motivational booklet about finding Happiness! It is within our reach to be happy every day. Each one of us has burdens to bare, but we can still enjoy the small joys that have been placed here for us to find and experience. Perfection is not going to happen. Trials are meant to helps us recognize the difference between joy and sorrow. We can be find happiness in our circumstances, no matter what they may be.
Read more about this book on my 'Author' page by clicking the link above.