I love quilts!

I love quilts 2018........UFO's. 

First goal of the new year.
     #1 Sew something each month. 
       Follow my year of sewing projects. Let's see what I get done this year.  Keep watching for posts. This is my new year's goal!! I intend to have a UFO project finished by next week. And each month this year! (UFO= unfinished object.)  Stay tuned! Warning: There may be more then just quilts pictured on this site this year...so be ready!

JUNE...I have been busy this past month! And now it is summer...more time to ..SEW< SEW<SEW!

Quilt #24     
Made for our Niece's Graduation.....someone gave me a collection of squares from their scrap pile. It had bright, springy butterfly material and dragonflies. Some were polka dots and swirls. I sashed it with white-on-white printed with butterflies. BreeAnn loved her new quilt!

This is Quilt #25
This Quilt is a scrap project also. I had left over strips from making a quilt for a friend. This was given to a missionary friend who will be attending BYU-Provo next fall. He was thrilled to get it. 

Sharing:This quilt was created by my friend Shontelle. She created her own pattern from my book cover, "Our Family Quilt History". She is SO creative!

This book was created to record the quilts that are made by you or given to your family. Each page has a place to attach a photo and write a short memo about who the quilt was for, why it was made and by whom.

You can find it on Amazon.
 Our Family Quilts History   (click here)

MAY...More projects coming this month! Stay tuned!!

**This month our quilt group went on the Treasure Valley Quilt Shop Hop! On of my favorite spring activities! I bought material to make a Dr. Seuss quilt for my grand kids to use when they come to my house. So....be watching for it!

APRIL...Quilts and Pillowcases were finished last month!

March Report! I finished my Chocolate Quilt...plus another one..and more! # 21, #22, and #23.

Project (But not a quilt) #23

My goal this year is to use up my material in my sewing room. I have been making pillowcases for the grand kids...My Christmas project for this year.
    I have made them standard pattern, burrito style and my style! I added a touch of rick-rack, crochet the edge, and the bottom on has glow in the dark spaceships. I have been having fun!!

Quilt #22
This quilt is for my youngest daughter, Gretchen. She is 16 1/2. I had started it for Christmas. It was a complete surprise. I never worked on it when she was home, but I had surgery and it didn't get finished in time. So we finished it together during Spring break. She loves it! This is a "Tumbling Block" pattern.

This quilt was made out of seersucker material. I am using up my material I have had on my shelf for YEARS! I count this as a scrap quilt. I made my girls summer shorts out of these materials.
I made her a matching pillowcase out of the left over fabric. I loved how the Prairie Points turned out on the edge!

Quilt #21 
This is my Chocolate Quilt. I have been collecting material with "Chocolate" for a couple of years...and now I have finished it. This is an "Irish Chain" ( 9 patches, basically) I backed it with brown fleece. This is a heavy, warm blanket. I did machine quilt it in a  large Tic-tac-toe pattern. I love it!

February UFO finished!
Quilt #20 

A quilt for my son, Martin and his wife, Kaitlyn. This is a large version of the "Disappearing 9 patch".

 A UFO project!

Completed  2 UFO projects and I also made my grandson a new Farm tractor pillow case for his birthday!

QUILT #18 & 19-- Baby Quilts for grand baby #12 
(Along with 2 receiving blankets-- Trains and ABC's...and matching burp Clothes!)

Bernstein Bears in the center

1. Sewed a quilt block for Quilt group....pictures to come. (Check!)
2. Goal: finish a quilt for my son and his wife ____
    Report: I finished the quilt top...next to back it and finish the edge by February! Picture will be coming soon!

I love Quilts! 2017

(Check out the quilts I have made throughout and near the end of this blog. They are numbered.)

December.... Sew! Sew! Sew!
This is your free month! Work on Christmas! What where your favorite homemade Christmas gifts? Here are some of mine.

Pillowcases and flannel nightgowns.

My grandmother made me homemade gifts every Christmas. We received many embroidered pillowcases. I also remember the year my sister and I got matching puff pillow quilts!

My favorite was the most beautiful white nightgown. I felt like a princess!
    Homemade is a special touch I learned to appreciate from my youth!

November.... Quilt Challenge for the month:
                                   Attic window Quilt

This is a very easy pattern to follow. Pick a holiday scene panel and start creating! I have a nativity Panel I am sewing up next. Can't wait!

September and October.... Quilt challenge.

Table runners! Make them for yourself and for gifts for family and friends! One for each holiday!
Make table runners for the upcoming holidays....Halloween, Thanksgiving (or Fall) and Christmas.

It can be as easy or as complicated as you want them to be. I love the holiday material. Simple patterns work for me if it will show off the pattern in the material.

August.... Quilt Challenge.... Back to school! 
It makes me think of books!  My goal is to make a book shelf quilt from scraps and I think  a themed book quilt would be fun to make.  "Cat in the Hat" quilt would be awesome for the grand kids! ( The other quilt pictured is 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?')

Quilts #17... Quilt to share!! ( Check out other quilts I have made-- pictures below.)

Finished one of my "I Spy" quilts! I machine quilted it in different colored threads to make the many colors in the quilt...blue, yellow, green red...stand out more. Embroidered in the middle...in red..."I Spy."

July....Quilt Challenge!

Make a 4th of July wall quilt or a new picnic quilt.

I love picnic quilts...the scrappier the better. And a nice little wall quilt is a great way to touch a room with the holiday spirit.

June....Quilt Challenge

Finish those UFO's!
Unfinished Objects! (quilts)
We all have them!

May..... Quilt Challenge:

Attic window quilt!

You can find simple directions and tutorials online. I have mine started. I used a panel of birds in a flower patch. Some of my windows has birds and some have flowers. It is blues and yellows. Very spring!

April is here! Spring means fun times! 

I added 3 quilts to the line up below...quilts #14, 15, and 16. 
Three baby quilts. I have 2 more quilts almost ready to 
show....be watching for them!

April makes me think of happy spring colors.
Challenge: Make something for Easter! I love pastels for Easter.. but these bright colors caught my eye. Make a fun Easter egg table runner! Simple enough you don't need a pattern. I would strip quilt several colored scraps on to a rectangle shaped piece of scrap batting and then cut out an egg shape and applique! Might look a little different, but that brings in your creative licences to be different! Double Challenge...be creative!

March 2017
St Patrick's day is a fun holiday. Everyone wears green! And around the corner will be spring and Easter fun too!

Challenge of the month:

Here are some great projects for those scraps of material we all save. 
     Get a metal craft ring or a Styrofoam ring. Cut several   1 x 6 strips and tie on the scraps and create a festive piece of art! Or create a homemade Easter basket or an every day tote bag. OR use your own imagination. Now there is a true challenge!

 Cut strips 2 1/2 X 22. Sew together to make a panel of multi-colors. Cut 2 1/2 wide strips. Mix and sew to make a large panel of colors. Find a tote bag pattern and use this new piece of "Material" to create a fun bag.

February 2017

 My Quilting Challenge for this month:
The pattern is "The Irish Chain". Make it this month for St Patrick's Day. Or choose a different color combination. I have mine started. It is material featuring...what else? CHOCOLATE! I will get it done and post it! Stay tuned.

January 2017 This is a new year to plan new projects! Got your list going yet? I do. I have 8 Quilt tops that need to get finished this year...I plan on starting in January and  I will get to work! 
For 2017, I hope to share some great quilt ideas with you!

Here is a great way to start this year. Order my book "Our Family Quilts History." Each page is designed to glue a picture of a quilt with its owner, and then underneath it write who made it and for whom. Include the occasion and you have started a 'Book of History' for your family!
Our Family Quilts History (Click here) and find it on Amazon. It is listed at $6.99

Here is the 
Quilt Challenge of the month!
Yo Yos! Make a project out of yo-yos. Get online to learn how to make them and then create a project for Valentine's Day.


December 2016: 
I love Christmas quilts. An easy way to create a Christmas Quilt is to buy a panel. Then cut it into sections and sash it. I also love the embroidered look. So many ideas!

October/ November:   I have made the runner to the left before. It is easy and very festive snowball pattern. quilt to work up. The quilt on the right...is my wish project. It would be fun to make this colorful pumpkin quilt! Purple is starting to appeal to me for a fall color!....Why? 


"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"...that is what my house looks like right now. I have been making Christmas tree skirts for my new Craft blog.
      Well, here it is....Donetta's Holiday House.....
          Checkout the homemade crafts posted on my new sight. Connect from this link.

August project:

 "I Spy" quilts! 

Remember the game? We used to play it in our car while traveling. 
"I spy with my little eye...something....Blue!" 

 Each quilt square is something different... it is exciting to see what has been put into the quilt! I have had so much fun collecting material for this project!

 Stay tuned to see how mine turn out! 

June and July!

This summer I am finishing unfinished projects!...Namely quilts! Plus making a few new ones too! I love quilts!
Introducing a little booklet I created. I had something like this I found 20 years ago...a book to keep track of the family quilts through pictures and recording who made them and for what occasion. My book is full now, SO I created me a new one and decided to share it with you!
    ( You may find it on Amazon..just type in my name..."Donetta Loya" and all my books will pop up!)"

Quilt#16 This pink and white eyelet quilt was given to my youngest grand daughter, Emery, for Christmas.  Soft pink flannel backing. Machine quilted by me.
Quilt#15 This is a log cabin, scrap quilt, waiting for a sweet baby girl to gift it too. 

Quilt #14 This is a rag style baby boy flannel quilt...both sides. soft and snuggly.

 Quilt #13   Quilt made for my grand daughter, Emery. Gingham and solids together. 

Finished Daniel's senior quilt.... 
Quilt #12  Made from his t-shirts from sports-Tennis and football, 4-H,  church youth group programs and scouts. (Daniel is an Eagle Scout.)

May .......for months...years, my mother had a quilt on a frame attached to the ceiling of her sewing room on big hooks. It was of the Sun Bonnet Sue pattern. Once a year or so she would lower it and quilt on it. When I was 16 she presented it to me...finally done. The fabric was from material that belonged to my Great Grandma Nelson. Mama said the material came from feed sacks and other material that  Little Grandma had given to my mother. I will always cherish my quilt! (** She was called Little Grandma because she was 4'8".)


Grandmother's Flower Garden....my bucket list quilt goal! Beautiful! A few months ago I had a guest quilter visit our "Quiltin' Time" quilt group and she showed us all how to create this quilt! Now I have the know-how! Now to just get to work!

Added a quilt to my line up below!More to come!

Quilts! I love quilts! (February)

A few years ago, I started a quilt group. I invited friends, ladies, who like to sew, and who liked to talk...and eat...and visit....to come to my house once a month. 
     We have morning sewing time, potluck lunch, and then our meeting. 
    During our meeting, we learn new blocks and techniques. We have show and tell to show off our hard work and inspire the others in the group. We have a drawing...this year it is for thread. The past we have drawn for fat quarters and for gift cards to JoAnn Fabrics. 
       Each month we have a "Pass along" project. This year we are focusing on 12x12 blocks. Everyone made two blocks to start it off, to show the theme or colors we want. We include material and then pass it along to the next person. Each month, we make two blocks for someone else, show what we have created, and then pass it along again. By the end of the year, we have blocks made by our friends, ready to put into a quilt. I will post some of our projects over the next year. So be watching for more pictures!

Quilt versus Comforter: Tied quilts are comforters. They are nice and warm and fluffy because the air isn't pushed out from between the layers as in a tight quilted-stitched quilt. We make a lot of comforters at our house!

Quilts are traditions.... The only bed coverings in our home are homemade quilts. We give them for Christmas, birthdays, to new baby's, and just because! Love the way a new quilt feels! I am sharing my quilts with you!!

Quilt # 1. Log Cabin--baby quilt for my grandson, Heath.

 Quilt #2. This is a cowboy quilt for one happy grandson for Christmas! I drew the picture for the center, colored with Crayola crayon. Ironed to set the picture. (Dillon was SO happy to get his quilt!)
  Quilts #3&4. Two princess quilts for the granddaughters! KayDence and Maddie loved their new Quilts! These were double batted and SO thick!

 Quilt #5. More "Cowboy's and Sunsets" for my youngest son, Daniel. (Very simple comforter.)

 Quilts #6.Strip quilted Christmas stockings. Every family members gets one! (Family tradition now for 20 years.)
 Quilts#7. I use left over quilt blocks to make tote bags to sale with my books. "Books and Bags for sale!"
 Quilts #8. Our quilt group made patriotic blocks to put together in a quilt for our local scout auction. It turned out beautiful!( This is machine quilted.)

Quilts #9. This is one of the pass-along projects from quilt group a few years ago. It was colorful and fun! Little left over scraps of material cut into squares and rectangles and sewn onto the material.

Quilts #10. In the back ground is my "Fall Pumpkin quilt." I set it out each October. It was inspired by a pumpkin patch I grew a few years ago.

    Quilts #11. Here is a quilt that we gave to my husband's aunt. It was a made from scraps of material.

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