Thursday, October 1, 2015

 This time of year is my favorite....fall comes with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas....That spells FAMILY to me.
    I just published my very first Christmas story I was ever brave enough to share. "A Christmas Wish." I  copied it out with a Christmas tree cover and sold them for $2.00 a story at a craft boutique. I sold about 15 copies. That is when I actually begin to feel the courage to sell my writing. "Darla's Decision" was in the process, but this story was my first real sell.
   It is written in 1926 time period. It is about a young girl raised in an orphanage and her journey to find God's love in her life. This is a short story. But good things come in small packages!
    A perfect gift!

Available on Amazon Kindle today....print form available in 2 weeks. (today is Oct. 1st) Mark your calendars!  ***PRINT AVAILABLE NOW!!