Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer is under way. What are your plans? Ready to read a good book? Order one of mine! They are the perfect escape literature! Have a great day!

Check out my new fun book! It is "A Creative Journal" --perfect for everyone! It is for those who want to start writing, or for those who already love to write. Inside are a few short lessons about  Grammar and the rest are writing prompts and extra pages to write what ever floats into your creative mind! Perfect for kids, teens or adults. Find your creative groove today!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Announcing my new Novella series. "Little Bits of Love"....Historical Novellas for those who are looking for something to read without having to get involved in a long, deep novel! There will be three books published in June. The first one is ready and available! Watch for the books with the different beautiful roses!
Book One--(Pink Rose)--"The Cattle King"---this short story is about a young girl who has come to live with an uncle she has never met before after her own father has passed on. She arrives in Texas to find out her uncle has bargain her away for a piece of land to Donovan McClaws, the Scottish Cattle King!
    Unfortunately, before she can be properly introduced to her betrothed, Katie McDonald and her little cousins accidently shoot the man!
     Donovan tells her she is a selkie in disguise who has come to steal his heart! "Fer sure and fer certain" it is Katie's heart that has been stolen, but which McClaws brother will own her heart in the end!

 Book Two--(White Rose)-- "Mail-Ordered Happiness" is a sweet little story of a couple finding a happy life together! Marybeth has had four years of sadness and heartache. It was time for a little happiness to come her way. Randall Olsen has been on his own for ten years. If he had known he could mail order happiness, he would have done it along time ago! Their life is full of surprise filled incidences and in the end they realize that sometimes life has to be dumped upside down a little to appreciate the blessings!

Book Three--(Red Rose)-- "Love at Last" is a fun little story about a young woman that has held hate in her heart for a certain boy since the day school ended! He had tormented her through school and had mocked her life ever since! Every time Eric Shepard comes to town he just has to pull her strings and leave her steaming mad! Well, one day he would get his! That day finally arrived and nothing would ever  convince Hilary Echols to help her nemesis out of his pickle--except maybe that toe tinglin', stomach flip-floppin' kiss!

Order your books through the summer! Contact me or order them through Amazon, Createspace, or Barnes and Noble. Books are available in Kindle form also.

Happy Summer Reading!