Wednesday, September 7, 2016

   Signs of fall are creeping in...cooler weather and Harvest time!!
   This is a great time of year...its another one of those "New beginning" moments. New school year for kids and time for me to re-coop from the summer break! Time to put my house back in order and to start looking ahead to the holidays....YES! The holidays! If I don't start now, then it overwhelms me. I hate rushing around at Christmas time I begin now, to slowly...quietly...begin to prepare.
    I do this in the middle of canning season, putting my house in order, and evaluating my goals! It is like the last quarter of the year...Have I met my goals of the past three months? How am I doing on my long term goals for the year? Now it's time to get ready for the last stretch of the season, so to speak.
    Here's to the beginning of your happy holiday season!! Around the Halloween, Thanksgiving and then soon Christmas will be upon us! Start planning now for a calmer, more relaxing holiday time!

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