Monday, July 28, 2014

Not much longer and the summer will be over. It is amazing how time seems to change as I get older. Priorities change also. Years before I would have made heading to the lake a top priority of my summer with a few camping trips tossed in there. I know that is still important to my kids, so I do have to consider those activities as part of my summer. But now...I just need my computer, my sewing machine, an air conditioned house and a soft bed!
     I am truly enjoying my new found love! Writing! I have always taken time to read. I consumed books like any addict consumes their vice. Now, my addiction is writing! I dream about my stories, I get up and write and write, and come lunch time-- I am still in my pj's clicking away at the computer. Isn't life great? HA HA! Mine is!
    But I still manage to wash my dishes, get the laundry done, and direct the kids to do their chores. I also manage to get the grocery shopping done. I even baked bread and chocolate zucchini cake with zucchini from my garden this week-end. So, I do have a bit of a real life still taking up part of my life.
    I have also been busy going to events to sale my books. Gretchen and I have had sale events every weekend in June and part of July. We always sell out of Gretchen's books. She sales more then I do all the time. It's her cute face and out going personality. She isn't afraid to talk about her book and yes, she does make bread and uses her recipe from her book all the time here at home. I am so proud of her!

     Here is the info on my newly released books!
Book 2 of Little BITS of Love , "Mail-Ordered Happiness" was released last week. I just finished up the kindle version this morning. So if you need a fun quick book check out my series of novellas! Book 3 and 4 should be out in August! #3 "Love at Last" is my favorite and #4 "Christopher's Story" is about Donovan's McClaw's brother from Book #1 "The Cattle King". I just had to know what happened! So I figured you did too!
     The second book release this month was a journal with a barnyard theme! It has the big red barn on the front!  Inside the pages are decorated with barn animals and there are quotes throughout the book from famous authors. The lined pages inside are blank for your own writing. Fill the pages with your own life experiences. Write about your day--good or bad! Write about your "Ah ha!" moments, or favorite memories. It is your book to write!