Friday, September 1, 2017

First of all heart goes out to those in Texas experiencing so much loss. I'm humbled by all those who have rushed to the aid of the people there. I'm touched mostly by the way the people in the area have pulled together and helped one another.  I'm also impressed by those in other states, famous and just "Regular" folks, that have donated to help those who have lost so much. 


The beginning of fall is on its way.

The temperature is changing and the toilet paper is hanging from our trees like Christmas lights! Yes, homecoming has arrived for our school and this year my boys weren't home to guard the yard.  Both me and my teenage/junior in high school, daughter dared to go to bed by 10:00 p.m. My daughter was SO excited that we had been teepee-d. Earlier she had sadly stated, "They only toilet paper the cool kid's houses, Mom. They won't get ours." Frowny face and pouting to boot! When the culprits had knocked and rang the door bell. (New for me! I thought this was a hit and run kind of activity.) She leaped out of her room and started shouting. "Yes! Yes!" As she ran downstairs. I pictured her throwing the front door open as she jumped up and down! She gleefully ran back up stairs. "They got us, Mom!"
    Then she ran back downstairs the second time shouting, "Come on, Mom! You gotta see this! They got us good!" I told her I would wait until morning, as I muttered, "Worthless dogs!" Three dogs had let the yard get vandalized without a single bark!
     Sure enough, the next morning I saw 'how good they got us!' Every tree, bush and weed, picket fence, pillars on the porch, arbor, back yard and the house....and all over the grass....oh and down the lane (Sorry about that good neighbor!) All I could think of was, "Wow, that was a ton of toilet paper I could have put in my year supply...almost a full acres worth!
     But my daughter was happy and felt very loved. Later she was told 30 kids showed up to pull off the job. They must really like her!

New release!

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