Sunday, April 2, 2017

April!....Spring! Spring! Spring!

I love spring time. Flowers are so beautiful. New green grass, fruit trees begin to bloom. Life is renewed!
   Sometimes we just need that renewal time for ourselves. I believe in new beginnings, but sometimes it isn't about starting over, but maybe a new look all hairdo. New paint on the house, new nail color, plow up the old garden and change what you will do with it for once. Spring is about change for me! And as I said in the past...CHANGE IS GOOD!!
     SO let it happen! Give yourself permission to do something different. I am adopting an old the spring I used to get rid of everything in my house that I haven't used for 2 years. After I went through  my cancer-- 4 years ago-- my energy level to get stuff done was just gone. It is finally flowing in my veins again! So let the fun begin! Last week I burned all the old broken furniture in my house! It felt GREAT! Okay..maybe the chair wasn't broken..but it was ugly! So it had to go! I tried to give it takers so it had to go. Now to continue my deep..and I mean DEEP spring cleaning! It is long over due! OVER HAUL TIME FOR MY HOUSE! Happy spring cleaning to all of you!

New Children's book released!

Check it out on  "non-fiction Author page"!

How to help teach your child to read! A book written from my 13 years of experience teaching Pre-school and 18 years of Homeschooling.