Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hello, My Friends,
       Do you have a favorite word? I have one.....it's an AMAZING word. One I never use...well rarely. But since I learned of its existance it has intrigued me. Ya wanna know what it is? Here it is:  juxtapose. Great word isn't it! Do you know what it means? Definition: To place side by side.--the unexpected combination of colors, shapes and ideas. ( Now use it in a sentence all week! HA HA!!) I will write many juxtaposed words in my blogs!
     When I was in 5th grade I had a placement test that placed me at 12th grade reading level...but I had never heard of this word! Then I continued my schooling-- I felt like I had advanced in my education through junior high and high school, did very well on my ACT....I consider myself an intelligent person, but still I had never ran across this word. Then about 8 years ago as I was homeschooling my children, one of my children had this word on his vocabulary list! I had to look it up in the dictionary! Loved it! And then the strangest thing happened. I either read it or heard it used at least 4 times that week! And then not again until today! I was reading another author's blog! SO I had to share it with you today. Juxtapose. :)
     I love words. I love putting words together. I love writing. Not only do I have stories in my childhood trunk, but I have poems and I LOVE to write letters! I have saved tons of letters from other people. You know....pen, paper, envelopes and stamps...communication before emails and texting. I love writing!
                                Words flow through me,
                              Like the wind in the trees,
                               Constantly filling my mind.
                              Surrounding me with sound
                                   Amazingly to find,
                                 It is the breath in me.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Well, my computer skills are being tested. I can't get a whole AND clear picture of my book cover. My email of it is coming up as a 15 X 20....I have shrunk it to print it...some. But I can't get it clear. It is SO wonderful on my email--Bright colors, clear pictures. It is weird...but the copied picture makes Darla appear to be grimacing to me...for real! Strange thing! In the email her face is beautiful and she looks so happy! I am WILL figure this out! SO be patient with me.
    I asked my daughter, Jessica, if she had read the blog. She said yes and then asked me what happen to the picture....so I am not the only.
    Have a great week end!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

                                                   Introducing Darla Thompson from
                                                              "Darla's Decision"
Dear Friends!
       Closer! Closer! Here is the latest info on my book. The cost. Book cover price with be $22.95. It has 334 pages....unless changed on this next ...hopfully... last round of changes.  It is very exciting and feels like a long wait! In the meantime I am working on my book two in the series. I have two and three written, but not fine tuned for publishing...I better get started so it doesn't take forever to get the next book out for all of you to enjoy.
     I have read and reread "Darla's Desicion" so many times now that all the people in the book are VERY close to me now.  I know every word they say and every action they make. They are like...family! :) Darla is a wonderful girl. SO dedicated to wanting to do what God wants her to do. She is a beautiful girl with her long brown hair. She is a confused by the choices she has to make and listening so hard to the Lord's promptings. What choice is confusing her?....Men!
         Sneak Peek!
      "Oh, my!" Darla muttered to herself. "What am I to do about James?"
       She must be the most fickle girl in the whole territory. "I have been proposed to, kissed and caressed more then any girl I know--and by more than one man!" she said to herself.

        Maybe God sent Jordon into her life to help her forget Nathan? Maybe Jordon is part of God's plan for her?.... But  what about Matthew? What if he really did love her?....James, now there was someone that would be a worthy husband.

Greg is heading back to to North Dakota. He is returning to SNOW! While he was home on his time off someplaces in ND recieved 15 inches of snow! I shall miss him! We talk 8 to 10 times a day....but its not the same........
Have a great day my friends!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello! Friends,
     Exciting news! I have wonderful news! I have a spot in an international book fair this summer. Book should be ready way before then....hopefully. I also have two spots in a book fair in Texas and D.C. The two hot spots for Christian book sales. they tell me. ( I already missed the Tuscon fair...bummer.) I quesitioned the marketing guy about D.C. --as there was five choices--Florida, Tennessee, D.C and Texas and....? (Can't remember now!) Those places were left on the list of Fairs. His reponse was. "Well, we might not think the government is the most Christian atmosphere. But the families of the politicians promote Christian beliefs in their own homes and that is a great place to sell books. And before you ask ...no, I am not going to D.C or Texas ...or St.Louis where the internationaly book fair will be. (Would be cool!)...The representatives of my publisher will be there...hopefully promoting my book! At least this time! Next year.
    I will be looking for other places to sell my book ( I can do my own local marketing all I want!)...so if any of you have a friendly little bookstore, around the corner, you love to go to....(hint hint, wink wink), and if you can interest them in placing my book in your town...You and I will chat and agree upon a wonderful compensation for your hard work! Free book? My next book? Dinner to Olive Garden? You may become part of my Marketing staff! Hey! Hey! :)
        Greg has been home from North Dakota all week, still here for 4 more days.(Sigh!) Love that man! We have such a great time. He still makes me smile---when he isn't irritating me with the mess he leaves behind! LOL But he knows my weakness...all it takes is a little smile and a kiss.
    Heard a saying a while back, can't remember where! But it has stuck with me:
                         "Choose your love, love your choice."
     Have a good week! Your friend today, tomorrow and always!

P.S. I set up my domain...has anyone found me without using Facebook this week? Trying to get it all in order! Thanks!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The big day is getting closer! My book with its beautiful cover of pinks and mauves, the orchard in the background with Darla standing in the center in her rose print dress--just as I imagined it!-- will be here soon. Its SO exciting to see it all!
    Just a little about it. It is considered a historical romance christian fiction....and yes there is kissing in the book! A good romance has to have at least one good kiss, right? It takes place in 1880's. Darla's eyes has been opened to the fact that there are several young men vying for her attention. Choices, choices.
    One of the most important choices you can make is who you choose to spend your life with. I am the luckiest girl in the world! It is true! God led me to the most awesome, handsome, loving, caring man I could ever be with. I am so thankful that I lived a life close to my Heavenly Father that allowed me to be intune to God's promptings. I knew on our first date that I would marry Greg. It felt like I had held his hand before. I KNEW him somehow on a deeper, spiritual level. (Sigh) It was wonderful to be with him. Still is! The very thought of him makes me smile in the middle of the day, in the middle of laundry, in the middle of....sitting here writing on my blog about him! His eyes still smile into mine and can make me giddy inside. (Sigh) Our love is forever.

     Here is a sneak peek into the book:
          Jordon raised his hand and ran it across his mouth, then placed his arm on the seat cushion behind Darla as he turned more to face her.
          "Does that mean you don't want me to come calling on Wednesday?" His eyebrows raised in question.
         Surprised at his response, she said. "You mean you don't care if David is courting me, also?"
         Jordon smiled and said, "What is courting all about? Getting to know one another, to see if we are compatible. There may be others to choose from along the way. If we limit ourselves to gettting to know only one person, how do we know what God wants us to do? I think David Miller is an admirable fellow, but I am just as splendid of a man as he, if not more so." He said the last with a little chuckle and a grin. "In fact, if Matthew wants to join in then so be it. May the best man win!"........."Just so you know, Darla, I intend to be that man."

Have a great day everyone. Returned to my blog in a few days and we will talk so more!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I have to share my almost life changing experience on Easter Sunday:
    First of all, the Friday before, I finished my corrections on my book. I was waiting to send it into the pubisher on Monday. Sunday, I decided to have a last look at it. Pulled it up on my computer. Found a comma that needed to be changed to a period...or was it a period that needed to be changed to a comma? Hmmm....anyway, somehow my finger moved across something and wiped out the whole thing! My book was gone!!!!!! I had a one new blank micorsoft word document page staring at me. Talk about your life stopping! My heart froze, I started breathing hard, I grabbed my head muttering, "No! No!" My loving children rushed to my aid. "What is it, mom?" Gretchen comes to comfort me. "My book! Its gone!" "Oh, is that all." She huffs at me.
    I started flapping my arms like a bird and yelled for someone to bring me my little pink phone book that holds friends and neighbors phone numbers and I immediately call my computer wiz friend, Jared. He wasn't home! Where could he be?! Easter Sunday! He is with family! So I call his mother-in-law's house. Trembling, I ask if Jared is there. He is! Hal-a-lu-ya! I very calmly come to pieces and tell him, "I erased my book!" He very calmly replies. "So, I probably should come over there to take a look at your computer."  "Yes! oh, Please!"
    I really should learn more about computers. Ya think? Jared made the 15 minute drive (that took him at least an hour to get here by my count--The clock was wrong, I am sure). He took a look, pressed two keys and waa-la! It was all back. Phew! I owe Jared a large steak dinner or something!
    So, I told him just send it in! I am not waiting another day! So, when you read my book you may find a comma in the wrong place, or was it a period? Anyway, just ignore it and read on! :)