Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Friends!
       Closer! Closer! Here is the latest info on my book. The cost. Book cover price with be $22.95. It has 334 pages....unless changed on this next ...hopfully... last round of changes.  It is very exciting and feels like a long wait! In the meantime I am working on my book two in the series. I have two and three written, but not fine tuned for publishing...I better get started so it doesn't take forever to get the next book out for all of you to enjoy.
     I have read and reread "Darla's Desicion" so many times now that all the people in the book are VERY close to me now.  I know every word they say and every action they make. They are! :) Darla is a wonderful girl. SO dedicated to wanting to do what God wants her to do. She is a beautiful girl with her long brown hair. She is a confused by the choices she has to make and listening so hard to the Lord's promptings. What choice is confusing her?....Men!
         Sneak Peek!
      "Oh, my!" Darla muttered to herself. "What am I to do about James?"
       She must be the most fickle girl in the whole territory. "I have been proposed to, kissed and caressed more then any girl I know--and by more than one man!" she said to herself.

        Maybe God sent Jordon into her life to help her forget Nathan? Maybe Jordon is part of God's plan for her?.... But  what about Matthew? What if he really did love her?....James, now there was someone that would be a worthy husband.

Greg is heading back to to North Dakota. He is returning to SNOW! While he was home on his time off someplaces in ND recieved 15 inches of snow! I shall miss him! We talk 8 to 10 times a day....but its not the same........
Have a great day my friends!
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