Wednesday, June 1, 2016

JUNE! This month is the beginning of summer break for most of us....well, at least the kids. What are you going to do to keep them busy? Any fun summer vacation plans? I have Stay-cation plans....not going far this year.
    Camping is our number one plan for my daughter and I. My sister is coming with her kids in July....YAY! Its been a while and we are excited!
    Personal plans....the normal.... try to clean the clutter corners that seem to creep up on us. Mine seemed to have crept in and then invited more into their space. My sewing room needs an overhaul, living room needs painted. The garden is already planted, so it will need tending. I hope to write a spectacular book and get a few  in print that I have already waiting on my computer.
      Then there are the trips to Christensen's Pond...we wait for that all year. We have two dates reserved! Check it out online. Its a ton of fun and we take our friends and family and have a great time!
      Hope your summer is packed full of good times! But most of all...enjoy the time with your family. Make time for those quiet moments: Look at the stars in your own front yard, take a walk with your someone. Read a book together as a doesn't all have to be hustle and bustle. Make it a Family Summer Time!  
** The pond is owned by a local farmer who created this fun recreation place for his family. He shares of charge with the just have to get your name on the calendar and that is hard to do! We love it and appreciate their great generosity!