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Happy New Year! 2018

      Nonfiction books ... 

Inspirational books, children books-preschool/educational, Journals, planners, organizers, cookbooks, and much more....
                       I love BOOKS!

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            Non-fiction, Spiritual Self-Help. Written to encourage and uplift. Read the description of the book below.

 I love journals. I started writing in one when I was 10 years old. I was in the hospital and my mother bought me a Mickey Mouse diary. I wrote in that little book every day. That start years of habit! Feeding my love of writing.

 #1.  Choose from a large print, Barn themed journal with inspirational quotes about writing.
 #2.  Pick my 30 Gratitude Journal. Filled with colorful spring flowers and encouraging quotes about gratitude and blessings.
#3. This Pink Journal is a blank lined journal. Fill it with daily entries.
#4. "Doodle Journal" is a fun sorta of Journal. Read the info below.               

A "Doodle Journal!"....write in it, draw in it, make charts, use different colored pens or pencils. Write in it like a regular journal, draw pictures or scribble in it! A Journal dedicated to free expression! Available at Createspace or Amazon.  
"Doodle Journal" (click on link here.)

My Daily Planner (click on link)
This planner starts out with a Birthday Day Calendar for the year. Then opens to monthly planning charts:

Calendar, a place to plan projects, write your spiritual goals, plan for your family schedule, too. It also includes an Exercise chart with suggested exercises. The Cleaning Chart has an outline for those who need a helping hand at organizing. The menu has a meal topic to choose from each day to take the guess work out of your day.


 Black line personal planner! Great for writing your goals in all areas of your life.....Spiritual, Physical, Family, and Community. Includes a place to write your daily menu and a project list for your current and future projects. It also has a place to write reminders about appointments. A great way to start the new year! Organize your goals.
   "Is it  a wish or a goal?"    A goal is written down, until then it is only a wish.
Non-fiction read.
Are you feeling down and gloomy for 2017? Read this booklet to enlighten and lift your spirit.  Sometimes you have to open the door instead of blocking it with your own foot. Happiness is there waiting for you!
This is a colorful 30-day gratitude journal. Start each day by finding something to be grateful for and before you know you, you will be feeling happy and grateful for all that you have.

"The Short List" is my personal goal setting system. A women's Inspiration non-fiction read! Instead of looking at the long list you have waiting for you to do, look at what you have accomplish. Sometimes you have to start over with the short list to refocus our thoughts.
    #1 Pray
    #2 Read Scriptures
    #3 Take a shower!
If that is all you can manage in a have done at least 3 things. Once you put God first in your life, the rest of your life just falls into place!  And your "to do" list will begin to be longer as you accomplish more things in your day.

This is a blank line journal. I am a true believer in writing in Journals. It helps me sort out my day. It helps me remember important things. It gives me a place to let it all go and start with a clean slate the next day.

"To reflect-to Explore-to Inspire!
A blank line journal --8X10 large page
The theme is Barn yard animals. It is also filled with quotes from famous writers, separating each section with inspiring words.

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Donetta Loya's books

"Christmas Planner"  (Click here to go to Amazon)    

Don't wait until December to plan Christmas! Avoid the hustle and bustle of the holidays with a little planning in advance. Take out some of the stress by doing some of it now. Colored pages include: Calendars, gift lists, ideas for making Christmas a little bit easier, a place to store your favorite recipes--and the author shared a few of her favorite recipes, also. It also has a place to plan your activities, suggestions for twelve days of Christmas, and a grocery lists! At the back, the author shares photos of her family Christmas traditions                              .......$15.00
(Colorful Pages)

Health and nutrition:

 #1---"Exercise! It's Now or Never!"
 This is a booklet I created for myself. It is very simplistic. I needed a tangible place to write my goals track my commitment to exercise for one year and this is what I came up with. There is motivational comments, charts to mark each day, each month. Suggested menus and Journal pages. I published for myself, but it is for sale for anyone who needed a place to write their goals, like I do. I believe that "A goal not written because a wish."
 "Exercise!"  $8.00(click on this link--go directly to amazon to order!) 

#2-- "Cooking on a Tight Budget--and Other Helpful Cooking Tips!"

I created this for my girls! There are always calling home for help and asking for our favorite family here it is all in one! Cooking tips and help from mom in print!

This book includes:  Nutritional information, Shopping lists with menus for small families. Recipes for stretching the dollar by cooking homemade meals instead of from a box! There are tips and suggestions based on simplicity. Beginner level instructions. Great gift for someone leaving home or for newly married couple...or just because they are delicious recipes! 

"Cooking on a Tight Budget" $15.00 (Click on this link) Find it on Amazon....just type in my name...Donetta Loya and check out all my books!

Find my books on amazon. Donetta Loya (Click here-direct link to amazon)

"Our Family Quilts History"
This is a booklet designed to be a remembrance book. Take a picture of the quilt. Record the date it was given, to whom, and leave a comment about the occasion. Quilts are gifts of love and devotion. Quilts are treasures worth remembering!

Inspirational  books: Donetta's books ( click this link to buy her books.)

1. Happiness....It is waiting for You! 
Everyone has days when it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This book is to remind us that even when times are hard there are blessings still around us. It is a choice to be happy...even when times are tough.

2. "The Short List"...This is a woman's inspirational. This is for those women who are needing to start over and to call "Do overs!" Start back at the beginning with "The Short List" and focus on God first and then slowly add the rest of  your long"To do" list on item at a time. But most of all remember to put yourself on that list! You need a day off and time to focus on yourself just like everyone else! You need time to refill your own bucket!

This is a special book I co-authored with my Daughter, Gretchen. when she was 12 years old!

"In the Kitchen with Gretchen...Let's Make Bread!"...This book is filled with pictures, showing a step-by-step method to making bread from machines!
   "If I can do it--so can You!" is her motto.You will find our family recipe in the front with a list of the items you will need to make a loaf of bread. This recipe can be used to make pizza dough, rolls, cinnamons rolls, or fry bread. It tastes delicious!
   Included in the back is a bonus lessons on forming rolls. "Mmmm. Can't you smell it cooking now?"

Children's Education: "Get ready...Get Set...Go to School!"
This children's book is organized to help a parent get their preschooler ready to enter Kindergarten! Writing their name, abc's, counting, color names, plus more! I used my 15 years of teaching pre-school to help put together this book. Kids today have to know more then just their name to enter Kindergarten. Here is a book to help you prepare your child for school. (Work book style)

"Get Ready...Get Set... Read! vol 2
 A child's education is very important. A head start will bring confidence and excitement to a young child. These pages are to help help your child discover the wonderful world of reading!
    It takes time, patience, and consistency to a child read. The author, Donetta Loya taught preschool for 13 years and home schooled for 18 years. She loved teaching young children, and loved helping them to become early readers. 
    Pages consist of learning sounds and combining them, along with short stories to work on their new reading skills.

Find my books on Amazon.....Donetta Loya (click here)

Organizers and Journals:

I am a list maker...I write everything down...My goals, my project deadlines, my plans for my day, groceries, cleaning I just put it all in a book.

I have written in a journal since I was ten. Now I can create my own...and share them with you!

 I am a firm believer in Journaling. It is a great way to relieve stress, a great place to reflect on the good things in life, a place to record important events in your life to share with the future. Leave behind your life story for your kids or grand kids...."What should I write?" do you ask? Write about your childhood, your favorite toys, old friends, places you lived. Write about life's lessons you have learned. Share the love in your heart for your family....just write! It's important!

1. My Chaos Organizer...I write every thing down...lists, birthdays, Christmas plans, Vacations, exercise goals, menus I put them all in a book to keep them all in one place, and then I put it in print!

2.  Personal Planner....This is a book to set your goals weekly or monthly. Blank line, ready to write in. "A goal is only a wish until it is written down." I write things I created this for me, but shared it so others can enjoy it also. There are sections to set goals in: "Spiritual, Physically, Family, Community." It also includes a small menu, a place to plan projects or set goals to finish projects already started. Keep track of important dates coming up. Very simple outline

3. My Daily Planner 
It has helpful reminders of exercise, menus, 
planning for personal and family time, calendars, and cleaning charts.

 1.  "A Creative Journal"....I love to write and wanted to share my love with others. This is a creative journal full of writing prompts, short English lessons as reminders. Also blank lines for your own creative moments. It is great for any age if you want help at getting started on your journey to becoming a writer!

2. Finding Joy in Your Day....This is a 30-day Gratitude journal. Inside you will find colorful pages full of flowers with quotes to help you find the joy in your day. By writing down even one good moment in your day can be the beginning of refocusing. You can change from depression to appreciation in a few short days.

3. A Writing Journal... 
 This is a large, 8x10 blank line journal for and adults. Throughout the book are quotes from famous authors to motivate writing.
    This journal carries the barn theme throughout it's pages. Pictures of farm animals decorate each section.

"To Reflect-To Explore-To Inspire"....write every day!

4. A Journal....
This is a blank line journal...just quotes or pictures, just lines and your time...write every day to leave behind your legacy.


More to come!! Find the link to my Amazon site above!

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