Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good-bye to July and hello to August! I remember when August meant one more month of Summer vacation! My condolences to those of you who are starting school next week. There are several other schools that start through out the rest of the month of August, also.
     As for the Loya Family Homeschoolers. Daniel will be a sophomore in high school and will continuing his Penn Foster studies and he will be getting back to work to keep up with the three year schedule he has to get his work done. AND be headed to Parma schools in the afternoon for football practice. Gretchen will be in 7th grade and she and I will commence her studies the first week of September. Though! I will say for her she is anxious to do school work and has a couple of workbooks she has worked in all summer.
    I picked up her new school work today. Intro in to Algebra, language arts and writing skills, science, history, and she will be starting her violin lessons this week! She will continued her piano, flute, trombone and ukulele through out the year! She loves playing all those instruments! She will also rejoin her community choir children's group she is a part of. (Treasure Valley Children's Chorus.)
     School, School, School! That is what everyone else is thinking about, but me? I am thinking--just five more months to Christmas!! Time to get started on my projects!
     The other great event of August coming up is our 30th wedding anniversary! Greg and I have been married just a few short years! 30 years! That sounds like a long time, but it feels just like yesterday! He still makes my insides melt when he gives me that "look", you know what I mean? He has that special light in his eye when he is about to kiss me. Still gets me every time. Then there is the one when he smiles just so...and I know he is up to something and I better be on my toes!
     Mixed with all this I am working on my next book! 2nd in the Orchard Grove Series. Still thinking on the name of it. "Danny's Dream"? How about "Lovin' Lily"? I will have to let you know!
      Today I scheduled a book signing  for "Darla's Decision" with Hastings Bookstore to be held Saturday, September 7, 2013, 4:00 to 8:00p.m. Exciting times acomin'!

     Sneak Peek time: Book Two
           Danny stopped reading. "Why does she tease me this way?" He ran a hand through his hair. His heart couldn't take much more. He quickly read the rest of the letter.....
     He stared off into space. She talks like nothing has changed. He shook his head in frustration then pulled out the next letter.

Quiz: For those of you who have read "Darla's Decision". Question #1and #2
       What was the reason the Preacher invited Darla to his home for lunch?
        What did he serve her for lunch?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I have spent the last couple of days down with the flu. It gave me time to reflect about my writing. Publishing "Darla's Decision" has brought me a new experience. The responses have been very positive. I received a compliment on facebook. One of my old classmates stated that he was proud of me and that our old English teacher would have been proud too. I thought that was a fun comment.
    It made me reflect on my writing and the GREAT teachers that I had. English was my strong point through out school. I did well and feel confidant in my education in writing skills thanks to them. BUT! There are parts of my story that do not follow perfect grammar rules. Why? Because I used punctuation to pause thoughts, to emphasize the emotion. Lots of comma splices, run on sentences and incomplete sentences. When I was working with my publishers I asked about further editing. They said that traditional editing is no more. That each author uses incorrect spelling and grammar to make their story unique--to put across emotions that would not be allowed in a "proper English class" or in traditional editing.
     The other thing I discovered is there are Grammar rules that have changed since I sat in an English class. I love to read and lately I have been finding other writers using punctuation differently. I finally called my youngest sister who has her masters, who ended her classroom time more recently then mine. I called her asking for her opinion on one issue that I kept coming across and her answer was "Depends on how it is used". WHAT? OH! NO! Well, all is well. Any mistakes can now be called "Creative license"! HA HA!
     I do admit, though, there are a couple of misspelled words or a missing word, such as 'at'. After countless rereads and editing sessions with 7 other adults, my eleven year old found a mistake right on the first page--after the book was printed! What can I say? I did a great job in homeschooling my child!
     I have been following the blogs and facebook time of a couple of seasoned authors I know. They were laughing over the longest sentence they had written...with and without commas...breaking all the rules. Well, I say! If the pros can do it--so can I! HA HA! SO to those who find my writing wanting in the "proper English" department. I say "to each his own". Read it for the story and put down your red grading pencils--I ain't in english class no more! :)
     I love my story! I love writing and have more coming. I am sure the more I do--the better my attempts will become. I thank all of you for your support and good words that you send my way.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sneak Peek for those of you who have not read "Darla's Decision" yet:
         Matthew snorted and turned back towards her. "Someone of your own to love? What? You don't have enough fellas already lined up to help you with that?" He waved his hat out in a semi-circle. "You're still looking for more? A person would think with all the kissin' you've been doin' that at least one of them could help you forget my brother." 
      Matthew looked at her with disgust in his eyes. He turned completely away and was shaking his head in disbelief.
      Darla straightened her back and said, with a tilt to her chin, "Well, God hasn't sent the right one yet."
      Matthew swung back around to face her. "Oh, really? So how do you judge them? By how long they kiss you? How deeply they kiss you? How many times can they try before you determine they 'aren't the right one'?" Matthew taunted.
       Darla eyes narrowed in anger. "Oh! You can just leave now!"
       "Well, not until I take my turn!" His hands snaked out to grasp her by the waist........"

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Hey there! my blogging friends,
      I have spent time running children to tennis camp and shopping this seem to think they need to eat when I am writing! So as soon as the cupboards were bare I knew it was time to step away from the computer and go shopping! It was a great success! I found a curio cabinet at a thrift shop to put my porcelain dolls in that my mother and grandmother made. I have 3 and each has the blessing/christening dress of my 3 baby girls on them. Finally I can display them safely. And yes, I did buy groceries also. :)
     The story of the curio cabinet: I have been telling my married daughter Jessica that it takes patience to acquire things that we 'want'. I have advised her to not run out and just purchase things that she decides she takes time and being thrifty and patience pays off. I have wanted this cabinet for years and yes, I could have bought a new one several times over now. But it was not a 'need' so I waited for just the right one-the right price-and the right moment in time to finally buy it!
     So now that my children have their food supply I can get back to writing. So when they say, "Mom, what's for dinner?" I can say eat whatever you want! And keep on writing!
     Here is another "Happy Mom Moment" for me. Last year I was not able to just hop and do. Radiation burns under the arm pit was pretty harsh. So, my youngest two children waited on me quite a bit. We came up with this system for who would make meals.
    Sunday--Sacrifice Sunday (Do we always have to be eating?)
    Monday--Mom will make it. ( I do my part!)
   Tuesday-- Taco Tuesday (Family loves their Mexican food! My children learned to make them.)
   Wednesday--Whatever Wednesday. (Means everyone eats whatever they want!)
   Thursday--Throw it Together.(Pretty much means eat whatever you want again.)
   Friday---Fend for yourself Friday. (Easy to figure out.)
   Saturday--Serve yourself Saturday. (Get the picture?)

It really isn't as horrible as it sounds. It just means I have a family with a sense of humor. I was very blessed to have Daniel and Gretchen willing to help out and not whine and complain when their mother wasn't able to stick to the routine of making meals and doing for them. Instead they did things for me! I was so blessed with their love and concern for me last year. It made me feel proud to be their mother.

      Sneak Peak of Book Two in The Orchard Grove Series:
            Danny loves Lily. He has for a long time. Things had been going pretty well considering Lily, known as Sissy to the rest of the crowd, had refused to dress like a girl. She wore men's trousers usually and the others had seen her as just one of the guys... until the Harvest Party.

      "Today she was in a cornflower-blue cotton dress with an empire waist. There was a ribbon that accented her almost nonexistent bosom, tied in a small bow. She felt like crossing her arms in front of herself as she walked out of the house earlier that morning. There had been several young men standing around talking with Danny. A hot blush had risen to her cheeks when she had stepped outside. All the boys stopped talking at once. Each one of Danny's friend had turned to stare at her. Her stomach clinched nervously. She knew it was a mistake to wear such an outfit! Her mother had convinced her to let her use the hot iron on her shortened hair and she had made her daughter's blonde hair wave in ringlets all over her head. Sissy had no idea how cute and adorable the curls made her look."

      I have had GREAT responses to my first book "Darla's Decision". Thanks to all of you who have bought my book. I am so thrilled it has been such a great hit! Thank you!  TELL A FRIEND! You are my greatest source of advertisement. I appreciate your help in spreading the good word! Until next time...Have a great day!

Friday, July 12, 2013

I have received that greatest compliments on my Book..."Darla's Decision" from different directions. I am so humbled and grateful that people are reading my book! I wanted to write a book ever since I was a little girl. I have the silliest stories in my trunk of keepsakes. I am so thrilled that my dream has become a reality! I am more thrilled over the GREAT support from friends and even strangers! It is reaching others. It is amazing!
    I am working on Book 2. I haven't quite settled on a name...Thinking of keeping the same trend in alliteration  in the title and call it "Danny's Dream". But he hasn't had dreams like Darla did...his dream is the girl he loves--Matthew Pratt's baby sister, 'Sissy'---whose real name is Lily.

Sneak Peak: "I love ya, Lily," he said quietly. "I always have and I always will."
      "Oh, Danny, that just makes me the happiest girl ever. I love ya, too!" She tipped her head back against his chest. He kissed her forehead.
      "What are we going to tell Mama and Daddy?" She twisted her head slightly to speak to him.
      "Well, I don't rightly know, honey." He swallowed a lump in his throat as he caught sight of J.D. Pratt coming out of the barn. "But we better think fast, your pa just spotted us."
       "The truth is always the best way to go " She let out a long breath as she watched her father hasten to them.

Hope you have a great day...if you haven't read my book! Then I hope you do! Order it directly from me for an autograph copy or from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Westbow Press.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dear Friends,
       Summer activities took over for awhile and now I return to my blog. I want to say 'Thanks so much' to those of you who have supported me in buying my newly published book "Darla's Decision." I have had a great response and each day brings word that someone else has read my EXCITING! Thanks!!
      I have been polishing up Book 2 of my Orchard Grove Series. Darla's brother Danny is the next one to be facing life's experiences with the twists and turns of being in love. Remember Danny? He traded places with Matthew when Darla needed him close by after her devastating news. He was more then happy to make the change since that put him closer to Lily, "Sissy", Mathew's younger sister.

Sneak Peak:
       "I'd give a million dollars if you weren't goin' away," Danny spoke with a tight voice.
       "Me too," Lily whispered leaning her head on Danny's shoulder. "Me too." She let out a deep breath. "Promise not to forget me," she said softly. 
        Danny pulled her firmly to him. "Never."

The story is coming along....just fine tuning it. It will be ready for the editing in a couple of weeks!

Daniel is off to Scout Camp. My 6 year old grandson prayed for him last night. "and please bless that uncle Daniel won't get lost with those scout men this time." Never fear! They will not be going to the same place that caused the upheaval a few weeks ago. He will be canoeing with his Varsity Scout troup near McCall, Idaho. I have great faith in the men that will be in charge...its all the young boys canoeing together that I worry about! Scout trips are famous for their non schedule events!
      Hope your summer is going well!

Your friend always! Donetta