Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good-bye to July and hello to August! I remember when August meant one more month of Summer vacation! My condolences to those of you who are starting school next week. There are several other schools that start through out the rest of the month of August, also.
     As for the Loya Family Homeschoolers. Daniel will be a sophomore in high school and will continuing his Penn Foster studies and he will be getting back to work to keep up with the three year schedule he has to get his work done. AND be headed to Parma schools in the afternoon for football practice. Gretchen will be in 7th grade and she and I will commence her studies the first week of September. Though! I will say for her she is anxious to do school work and has a couple of workbooks she has worked in all summer.
    I picked up her new school work today. Intro in to Algebra, language arts and writing skills, science, history, and she will be starting her violin lessons this week! She will continued her piano, flute, trombone and ukulele through out the year! She loves playing all those instruments! She will also rejoin her community choir children's group she is a part of. (Treasure Valley Children's Chorus.)
     School, School, School! That is what everyone else is thinking about, but me? I am thinking--just five more months to Christmas!! Time to get started on my projects!
     The other great event of August coming up is our 30th wedding anniversary! Greg and I have been married just a few short years! 30 years! That sounds like a long time, but it feels just like yesterday! He still makes my insides melt when he gives me that "look", you know what I mean? He has that special light in his eye when he is about to kiss me. Still gets me every time. Then there is the one when he smiles just so...and I know he is up to something and I better be on my toes!
     Mixed with all this I am working on my next book! 2nd in the Orchard Grove Series. Still thinking on the name of it. "Danny's Dream"? How about "Lovin' Lily"? I will have to let you know!
      Today I scheduled a book signing  for "Darla's Decision" with Hastings Bookstore to be held Saturday, September 7, 2013, 4:00 to 8:00p.m. Exciting times acomin'!

     Sneak Peek time: Book Two
           Danny stopped reading. "Why does she tease me this way?" He ran a hand through his hair. His heart couldn't take much more. He quickly read the rest of the letter.....
     He stared off into space. She talks like nothing has changed. He shook his head in frustration then pulled out the next letter.

Quiz: For those of you who have read "Darla's Decision". Question #1and #2
       What was the reason the Preacher invited Darla to his home for lunch?
        What did he serve her for lunch?

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