Monday, August 26, 2013

Howdy ya'll!
      Greg and I are back from our week long anniversary trip! It was great to spend time together. Wonderful, hand holding, steal-a-kiss moments. Life is good! Here we go! Beginning another wonderful 30 years together!

      There are several of you who will be glad to know that book 2 of An Orchard Grove Series is now heading to the editors! I have completed it and it is on to the next step of preparation. I have new editors lined up and I am grateful for their willingness to work with me!
     I have shared a few sneak peeks already. Book 2 is the story of Danny Thompson, (who is one of Darla's brothers), and the love he has for Lily Pratt, (aka Sissy Pratt, Matthew's little sister). He finally tells her how he feels and... (sigh)...sometimes life never goes as one plans, does it? But the greatest thing about a book is they all live happily ever after! But getting to that point always has its ups and downs. That is what makes reading a book so great! That emotional struggle that we all can relate to on some level. Plus, it is someone's imagination put in writing for everyone to share!

Sneak Peek:
      Danny leaned against the porch rail. He let out a pent up breath. It wasn't the same without Lily. Just like last year. It was at the Harvest Party that he had claimed her as his in front of the whole town. Then later they had ridden off together and on the hill overlooking the river, he had kissed her. He closed his eyes and felt her lips against his as if she were here. She had been as sweet as honey.

Don't forget to read "Darla's Decision" first! Order from me for an autographed copy or order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Westbow Press.



Friday, August 16, 2013

Our anniversary weekend is off to a GREAT husband has spent the night with a broken down vehicle in Bozeman, Montana! $1000 later and he is on his way home finally.

    So to get our minds off the "woe-is-me" moment, here is a piece of "Darla's Decision":
      "No!" he whispered hoarsely. "Darla didn't want a wedding in December, she wanted a spring wedding." He stepped to see her face and she looked away.
      "Tell me its not true, Darla! Look at me and tell me it's not true!" His husky emotional voice grew louder with each phrase. Darla slowly turned her head to face him.
      "I'm sorry, _______, but its true. We were married tonight."

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Next week my husband, Greg, and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. That is just amazing to me! 30 sounds like a long time, but I don't feel like it has been a long time! He still intrigues me, makes me blush, I can't wait to hear his voice on the phone when he calls me and I love when he gives me that look! I love my husband more then anything (or anyone) else in the world! I can't wait to spend time with him as we celebrate our anniversary!
     Here is a description of our first date.
     Prologue --I was introduced to Greg by my brother, Max. We wrote letters for almost two years, weekly, while he served a proselyting mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
     Greg returned from serving his Florida mission on a Thursday, he called me that night and asked me out on a date for Saturday. I was just ending a cake decorating 4-h class at my house that night of our first date, so all my good buddies were there. (My sister, Barbara, and our best pals-and later bridesmaids- Shelly Nelssen and Rainy Cooper.) They started whispering and I knew they were up to no good!
    Greg came to the door--smiling that gorgeous smile that still gets me. His lips kinda disappear when he smiles and his cheeks just look so cute! Not only did his lips smile, but his green eyes sparkled.
      He stepped into the house in a shirt from Florida showing off his football player size, broad shoulders, A brand new pair of jeans, his thighs where squished into those blue jeans! ( He had a skinny waist and muscular thighs.) And he had a pair of new cowboy boots on! Cute and funny all rolled in one! He started to shake my hand and then he pulled on my hand saying, "Get over here!" and he pulled me into a hug.
   That's when my "friends" lined up with their hands locked, as if in a choir stance and started singing, "You are My Sunshine." He turned around and walked out the door! He came back with an even bigger grin then before.
     He drove me 30 minutes away to Globe, Arizona and we spent the evening trying to find his parents who were suppose to have been bowling--never found them. But at one point my hand ended up in his. It was a WOW moment! I felt like I had held his hand before! I felt like I had sat next to him, just like I was, with my hand in his, before that night! It was like coming home. As I sat there having that incredible moment, a warm, tingling, thought came to me. "I am going to marry him."
     It was an unforgettable feeling. I will say, I have held many other guys hands, spent my time during dates trying to make sure the guy didn't kiss me! I just wasn't into giving my kisses away. But with Greg--he got a kiss on the first date! What can I say--he was the right guy!
     That was March 26, 1983. We were married August 18, 1983. Now 30 years--6 kids and almost 8 grandkids later--I still get that WOW feeling when I see him walk through the door.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today was a new one for me! An interview with I.B. Nosey was posted! Wow! What a witty fellow. Check out his blog--  and read his crazy interview staring ME! and my book characters from "Darla's Decision"! Entertaining indeed! Thanks Nosey for the publicity!