Monday, September 7, 2015

September is here....and it is already cold. Winter may be early this year. While I was camping in August the leaves in the Aspens were already turning yellow. Changes are in the air.
      I love change. It represents new beginnings for me. I have always enjoyed moving, even though it meant leaving friends or family was always a new adventure to me. 
    We seemed to move a lot in our earlier married life...every three years we moved with work, and in that three years we might have even moved within that town. 
    I remember when we had lived in Dripping Springs, Arizona for about 4 years. (We actually lived there for 9 all total)....My brother showed up out of the blue. He sat down and grinned and said, "I thought I should come out to see if you had up and left without calling...or to see if I needed to help load boxes. It has been over three years, you know. Isn't it time you were moving?" My faithful, helpful brother had been there for every move up to that matter where we lived or where we were going, he was always there to help.
    Well, this time we have been in one place for 12 this house for 7 years. Even though I would love to move back home to family, we are still here in Parma, enjoying the friendships that we have made here. We have some great friends, I have children who have married here and are raising their families here.Change would be hard now.
    Change is coming always does in the most least expectant ways.  Last month, my 3rd child got married! He announced "we are getting married in 2 weeks!" What a quick change that was! He is 24 year old and has met a beautiful young lady. I hope their life will be full of happiness and a lot of changing moments that leads them to wonderful years together. I envy their new beginnings! I love new adventures....I wonder what is coming next in my life?
    I know some people don't "do" changes well, but I say.....Embrace change! It brings personal growth, new experiences, and new friends!
    Maybe the only change you need is to move the furniture around! That is my solution when life gets a little stale...change the furniture, the wall decorations, and buy something new to display. It doesn't have to be an expensive change....go to a thrift shop find a vase, a picture, a new end table. Simple things can bring that touch of newness...and lift your spirits! 
    Have a happy fall...its coming! The seasons are changing...again. Change is constant. Enjoy the moment!