Monday, September 1, 2014

A new school year has started for the kids and finally we are back to a schedule. I don't know about you all, but I need a schedule. Life gets to slow without a plan to my day. Though, on the flip side, I do enjoy a day off when the schedule gets going! :) I have been writing. Yep, I guess you couldn't have guessed that. I love to write. My day isn't complete if I haven't written something.Writing is my relaxing time. Whether it is my journal, a letter to a friend, fixing a part of a story or starting a new one! I love the feel of writing. It clears my mind.
     The harvesting has been in full swing around here in Parma (Farm country) Idaho.  It always is amazing to watch. Daniel has been helping in the harvesting of watermelons at a local friends farm. We have enjoy sweet, 30 lb watermelon! It's been great! We have harvested our own peaches...we made jam, not only regular peach jam, but strawberry peach jam. It is Amazing! So yummy! We also made triple berry jam--blackberry, raspberry and strawberry blend. Another' to-die-for' taste! And there is no greater taste then a fresh tomato! Oh, yeah! I love Harvest time!
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