Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Friends,
      I am trying to organize this blog....I am still wishing I could just sit down and write you all a letter and you would write me back. But instead we are blessed with the great age of computers and blogging. SO here goes!
      To start...My exciting news is my book is almost ready to head back to the ol' printer (Computer program of some sort.)...the "retech" is almost done. "A Book!" you say. Yes! I am having a book published. I am so excited!
   Over the last couple of years I have had time to sit and recoup from a series of health issues. I watched  every show of "Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman"...which I loved. And I read lots of books and I just said to myself, "I could write a book."
    I have a trunk full of stories and poems that I wrote through out my childhood and young adult life....So yes! I love to write. I decided to come out and say it out loud, "I love to write. I have a crazy imagination, a love of reading and a room full of books dedicated to other people's books. SO why not!
     I love the pioneer, mail-order bride, English garden stories and of course "kissing books". It has to have a least one good kiss at the end for it to be a romance story. Not to mention the handsome, tall, dark man that you already know is THE one and only one for the heroine!
     And of course, I imagine my husband, Greg, as the hunky, handsome hero!
      Well, I hope that when my book comes out you will enjoy it. The title is "Darla's Decision". It is written as a Christian, historical fiction. It is what I call "Escape Literature".
     It is about a young girl in 1880 Idaho. The young man she has had a crush on her whole life marries her best friend. She finally realizes there are others that are vying for her attention. But who would God have her choose? The handsome, educated banker's son? The cowboy, who is the brother of the love she lost to her best friend? The stocky, handsome preacher? Or the God-fearing, shy mercantile store owner? As soon as it is out I will let you know!
    I am looking forward to hearing your responses!

Your Friend today, tomorrow and always,