Monday, July 8, 2013

Dear Friends,
       Summer activities took over for awhile and now I return to my blog. I want to say 'Thanks so much' to those of you who have supported me in buying my newly published book "Darla's Decision." I have had a great response and each day brings word that someone else has read my EXCITING! Thanks!!
      I have been polishing up Book 2 of my Orchard Grove Series. Darla's brother Danny is the next one to be facing life's experiences with the twists and turns of being in love. Remember Danny? He traded places with Matthew when Darla needed him close by after her devastating news. He was more then happy to make the change since that put him closer to Lily, "Sissy", Mathew's younger sister.

Sneak Peak:
       "I'd give a million dollars if you weren't goin' away," Danny spoke with a tight voice.
       "Me too," Lily whispered leaning her head on Danny's shoulder. "Me too." She let out a deep breath. "Promise not to forget me," she said softly. 
        Danny pulled her firmly to him. "Never."

The story is coming along....just fine tuning it. It will be ready for the editing in a couple of weeks!

Daniel is off to Scout Camp. My 6 year old grandson prayed for him last night. "and please bless that uncle Daniel won't get lost with those scout men this time." Never fear! They will not be going to the same place that caused the upheaval a few weeks ago. He will be canoeing with his Varsity Scout troup near McCall, Idaho. I have great faith in the men that will be in charge...its all the young boys canoeing together that I worry about! Scout trips are famous for their non schedule events!
      Hope your summer is going well!

Your friend always! Donetta

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