Thursday, June 20, 2013

We have had an exciting week. My 15 year old son went out with two scout leaders and to other youth,( two sons of one of the leaders), to hunt for a sight for their upcoming Scout camp. Daniel is the unit leader this year and was assigned to help select the area. They left Tuesday morning at 8:30 and that evening did not return.  
     They ended up with two flat tires in an area that had taken 3 hours to get to by car. Daniel and one of the leaders hiked out to find a spot that a cell phone would work. After 5 dropped calls the message that they needed help was given. Family of one of the leaders was sent to help, but couldn't find them, so they returned without the stranded five.
     They next day a phone call was sent to local authorities for some assistance. About 10:00, the next morning Daniel and his leader were found...after a night spent in rain, hail and high winds. They had walked almost 22 miles by then.
     They officer took them back the way they had come to find the other three. Father and sons were found warm and fed, as they had shot a rabbit and had eaten the night before as they enjoyed the shelter of the red suburban that had stranded them in the first place. Daniel's leader that had been with him, refused him the opportunity to shoot one of the many abundant supply of rabbits jumping around on their jaunt for help. Daniel would have gladly eaten one.
     Finally at 6:30 the next evening Daniel was returned. Sunburnt, blood shot eyes, dirt and grit in his ears and hair, a blister on his toe, but a smile on his face as he hugged me and said, "Oh, mom, I am glad to be home."
     And me, I had only two hours of sleep the night before. The happy point of the day--before I knew that Daniel was stranded--I sold a book!
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