Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello! Friends,
     Exciting news! I have wonderful news! I have a spot in an international book fair this summer. Book should be ready way before then....hopefully. I also have two spots in a book fair in Texas and D.C. The two hot spots for Christian book sales. they tell me. ( I already missed the Tuscon fair...bummer.) I quesitioned the marketing guy about D.C. --as there was five choices--Florida, Tennessee, D.C and Texas and....? (Can't remember now!) Those places were left on the list of Fairs. His reponse was. "Well, we might not think the government is the most Christian atmosphere. But the families of the politicians promote Christian beliefs in their own homes and that is a great place to sell books. And before you ask, I am not going to D.C or Texas ...or St.Louis where the internationaly book fair will be. (Would be cool!)...The representatives of my publisher will be there...hopefully promoting my book! At least this time! Next year.
    I will be looking for other places to sell my book ( I can do my own local marketing all I want!) if any of you have a friendly little bookstore, around the corner, you love to go to....(hint hint, wink wink), and if you can interest them in placing my book in your town...You and I will chat and agree upon a wonderful compensation for your hard work! Free book? My next book? Dinner to Olive Garden? You may become part of my Marketing staff! Hey! Hey! :)
        Greg has been home from North Dakota all week, still here for 4 more days.(Sigh!) Love that man! We have such a great time. He still makes me smile---when he isn't irritating me with the mess he leaves behind! LOL But he knows my weakness...all it takes is a little smile and a kiss.
    Heard a saying a while back, can't remember where! But it has stuck with me:
                         "Choose your love, love your choice."
     Have a good week! Your friend today, tomorrow and always!

P.S. I set up my domain...has anyone found me without using Facebook this week? Trying to get it all in order! Thanks!
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