Thursday, April 4, 2013

I have to share my almost life changing experience on Easter Sunday:
    First of all, the Friday before, I finished my corrections on my book. I was waiting to send it into the pubisher on Monday. Sunday, I decided to have a last look at it. Pulled it up on my computer. Found a comma that needed to be changed to a period...or was it a period that needed to be changed to a comma? Hmmm....anyway, somehow my finger moved across something and wiped out the whole thing! My book was gone!!!!!! I had a one new blank micorsoft word document page staring at me. Talk about your life stopping! My heart froze, I started breathing hard, I grabbed my head muttering, "No! No!" My loving children rushed to my aid. "What is it, mom?" Gretchen comes to comfort me. "My book! Its gone!" "Oh, is that all." She huffs at me.
    I started flapping my arms like a bird and yelled for someone to bring me my little pink phone book that holds friends and neighbors phone numbers and I immediately call my computer wiz friend, Jared. He wasn't home! Where could he be?! Easter Sunday! He is with family! So I call his mother-in-law's house. Trembling, I ask if Jared is there. He is! Hal-a-lu-ya! I very calmly come to pieces and tell him, "I erased my book!" He very calmly replies. "So, I probably should come over there to take a look at your computer."  "Yes! oh, Please!"
    I really should learn more about computers. Ya think? Jared made the 15 minute drive (that took him at least an hour to get here by my count--The clock was wrong, I am sure). He took a look, pressed two keys and waa-la! It was all back. Phew! I owe Jared a large steak dinner or something!
    So, I told him just send it in! I am not waiting another day! So, when you read my book you may find a comma in the wrong place, or was it a period? Anyway, just ignore it and read on! :)
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