Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hello, My Friends,
       Do you have a favorite word? I have one.....it's an AMAZING word. One I never use...well rarely. But since I learned of its existance it has intrigued me. Ya wanna know what it is? Here it is:  juxtapose. Great word isn't it! Do you know what it means? Definition: To place side by side.--the unexpected combination of colors, shapes and ideas. ( Now use it in a sentence all week! HA HA!!) I will write many juxtaposed words in my blogs!
     When I was in 5th grade I had a placement test that placed me at 12th grade reading level...but I had never heard of this word! Then I continued my schooling-- I felt like I had advanced in my education through junior high and high school, did very well on my ACT....I consider myself an intelligent person, but still I had never ran across this word. Then about 8 years ago as I was homeschooling my children, one of my children had this word on his vocabulary list! I had to look it up in the dictionary! Loved it! And then the strangest thing happened. I either read it or heard it used at least 4 times that week! And then not again until today! I was reading another author's blog! SO I had to share it with you today. Juxtapose. :)
     I love words. I love putting words together. I love writing. Not only do I have stories in my childhood trunk, but I have poems and I LOVE to write letters! I have saved tons of letters from other people. You know....pen, paper, envelopes and stamps...communication before emails and texting. I love writing!
                                Words flow through me,
                              Like the wind in the trees,
                               Constantly filling my mind.
                              Surrounding me with sound
                                   Amazingly to find,
                                 It is the breath in me.
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