Monday, May 19, 2014

"Lovin' Lily" is here! It is available at Amazon. softcover and Kindle. You many order your copies from me also! If you haven't read Darla's Decision, you should take advantage of my two for one price Special. You can purchase "Darla's Decision" and "Lovin' Lily" for $25.00! For the month of June. It is a whopper of a deal! I am taking pre-orders now.
    Check out my sneak peak previews about "Lovin' Lily" on my previous blogs. It is a love story that survives trials, separation and misunderstandings. It is a historical fiction--clean read. The characters will stay in your heart! Get ready for some great summer reading!
     Check out my other books also. "The Short List" and "In the Kitchen with Gretchen"! Stock up for the summer! It's coming up faster then you know!
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