Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Valentines Day! "Darla's Decision" would be the perfect Valentine story for 2014! A must read! A wonderful love story that will make you laugh, sigh and maybe even cry a little if you get teary-eyed very easily! The sequel in The Orchard Grove Series is getting closer to being released! I am looking forward to sharing with you Darla's brother's story! Danny has been--and always will be--in love with Lily Pratt! And she was in love with him, too! But will she still be in love with him after being gone for four long years? Two of the years were spent in Europe where she was courted by a Duke! or was it a Lord? Poor Danny is nothin' more than a hard working cowboy! Does he even stand a chance? "Lovin' Lily", book 2 in the series will be out soon!

Just returned from two weeks in Arizona. Spending time with family and celebrating my birthday! We left Idaho in a glummy inversion and came back to tons of snow and a sunny day! We are all glad to be home. Back to regular schedule tomorrow! This week will include Homeschooling my two youngest children, cleaning the house, teaching a group of young girls at Activity Days on Tuesday, Quilt group on Wednesday, Choir on Thursday and writing! Also, creating my book cover at night when the children are asleep! Happy February!
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