Friday, December 12, 2014

Newly released Christmas book! Just in time for some holiday cheer and romance! To get it by Christmas order from Createspace store. OR from Amazon. This book is also available in kindle form. Merry Christmas! ($7.00) Price may vary online.

Kaylee Brinkerhoff was determined to reach her Nana's by Christmas. She had never been steered wrong by a prompting before. She knew she needed to reach Flagstaff, Arizona and her grandmother--and no snowstorm was going to keep her away!
    Chad Hancock was surprised when a frozen figure of a woman fell through the front door, but he was more surprised when he discovered it was his good friend's grand-daughter--and the girl of his dreams! He had been wanting to meet Kaylee, but not this way. 
      He had looked at her pictures on the mantle and heard her praised by her grandmother so much he had fallen in love with someone he had never met! Now was his chance to show her that he was what her Christmas dreams were made of! He had just a few short days to give her the most romantic Christmas ever!

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