Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring is here. The daffodils are in full bloom. I saw the most beautiful patch of pink hyacinths! I wanted to get out of my car and touch them!
     For those of you who may be waiting: I just got "Lovin' Lily" back from its third editing!  I am so grateful for my new editing team. They have done a wonderful job! I am hoping to get "Lovin' Lily" ready to be released by the end of April.
    The year mark of the release of  my first book, "Darla's Decision", is coming up May 20th!! I have learned so much during this past year. I must say I LOVE the story line of Darla, but I realize it was my first and it is chucked full of mistakes. But I will persevere! I will continue to write and improve upon my work! I love writing, it brings peace and relaxation. I am so glad Greg--my hunky, handsome, husband--encouraged me to get it published. He has been my greatest supporter. Thank you so much, Greg! You are so wonderful to me!
    This last month has been exciting with the release of "The Short List" and the book I co-authored with Gretchen--a kid's cookbook "In the Kitchen with Gretchen".They have both been a great success!
True story: I had an interview with a family, Christian book store, "Aspen Grove", in Ontario. I had been waiting all month for this appointment. They had taken a copy of "Darla's Decision" to review a couple of months ago and had told me they were excited to place my book in their store. 
    Well, "In the Kitchen with Gretchen" first shipment of books arrived the night before. I stuck several into my carry bag. After chatting about a book signing and other fun book related subjects, I showed her Gretchen's book. The store owner loved it! She bought all that I had and only took one copy of "Darla's Decision"! But hey! We are Soooo excited for Gretchen! We have now sold out of her first order of books. Next order is on it's way! So you better get your copy!
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