Sunday, November 30, 2014

I love December! I love the family time, the traditions and the music. Tonight the Loya family (us) organized our 3rd annual "Night of Christmas Music". It's a night for us to share with our friends our love of music. We also invite other great vocalists and talented musicians to share their music with us. It is our family's way of saying "Merry Christmas."
      It's so amazing to see young kids grow in their talents this year. I enjoyed the mature talents of the adults that took part tonight too.
        Music is a great way to feel the spirit of Christmas.       

 The number one point of the celebration for me during this time is the remembrance of the birth of our Savior. It is amazing to me to realize that Jesus Christ came to this earth as an infant. 
        The first time it really, truly hit me was when I was expecting my second child and I sang "Mary's Lullaby" in a Sunday Christmas program. I was 8 months pregnant and such an overwelming understanding hit me so hard with the first two lines of that song....He was just a small baby. That Mary was a young mother just like me, and she would be the mother of the Savior of the world. He wasn't the wondrous man  and Savior that I had learn about at that moment. He wasn't the Savior being crucified on the cross. He was a tiny baby, who needed a mother to care for him, to hold him, rock him and to protect from the world around him.
     And now, as my testimony of the Savior's life has grown, I realize that Christmas isn't just a time to celebrate His birth, but that He lived! His life began that night in a humble stable as an infant. He grew into an adult to become our example, my Savior, the comforter of my soul.
       I hope that Jesus Christ is an important part of your Christmas Traditions...he is in our house. 
Enjoy your December!
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