Monday, November 10, 2014

Last night I looked out my window over my yard. There are three trees I can see from the front window. Two ash trees and one maple. There were full of bright vibrated orange and yellow fall leaves. When I got up the next morning the ash trees were completely bare! All the leaves had dropped every single leaf! It was amazing! The maple tree is still slowly losing leaves a few at a time. That is how some days go. You give it your all into one project or your energy just trickles along slowly spreading your time and self among several activities.
     Some of us are that way...we just dump all our energy in to one activity and then we have nothing left to share later on. I need to be more like that Maple tree---giving my energy and focus to more then one area. I need to focus and prioritize what those areas should be, though.
     Sometimes we get caught up in giving our best to things that just don't matter! What should be on our priority list? God, self, family, then extended family, the community, then the rest of the world.
    This holiday season I hope you can focus on what's really important and let those worldly, time sucking moments pass by without a moment of hesitation. Give your time to God and your family this year! Make this the best Thanksgiving and Christmas ever. Let your memories be ones filled with happiness and love and time well spent in wonderful family moments.
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