Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy New Year! 2017

As a kid, I never thought I would see the year 2000! It seemed so far away.    Well, I figured out a long time ago I was going to see a lot of the 2000++ years to come.
     SO here is to another new year!! What will your new year be like? Do you have great plans already? New uplifting goals? New hopes and dreams for this new year we are facing. I sure hope so. I love Christmas...but I love to see the New Year roll in. I love January..... newest beginning!! I need my new beginnings. I need my 'start over' moments and my 'do overs'. But I also enjoy continuing the good things I've got going for me already. I hope you can find the good things worth keeping and look at your year in a positive way...I hope you find more then new years "Do overs!" 
     I am grateful for many things in my life...Lets make this year a year of "Counting our blessings" and to find more blessings to add to the list!
     SO Happy New Year and hope you are counting your many blessings!

Friday, November 25, 2016

December.....a month of pondering, reflection and hope.

December is a favorite month. Obviously because Christmas is big part of that month. But what is Christmas to me? Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 
     Some may wonder "Did he really exist?" That is when faith comes into it. I have the faith that there is a God in heaven, that he is my creator and Heavenly Father. That there was a plan that sent us all to this earth on a journey. God sent us to experience life--birth, choice and accountability, family and of course to test our faith. He wanted to see if we would have enough faith to return home to him. Part of that plan included a safe loop hole.--a Savior. Someone who loved us enough to make sure we had the help we needed to return to our heavenly home safely.
     The Savior came as our example of how to live. Because, as in our life here, there are rules and guidelines that must be met before we can be in God's presence again. God is perfection...we are not. So Christ is a our Mediator. He will stand with us before God when it is time to report what we learned on our journey.
    This earthly experience is different for all of us, but we have one thing in common. We will return to see faith has been convinced of this. I believe in God, so there for I believe in the Savior and I believe in all the prophets that were sent as our road map to return to heaven.
     Christ was sent as a baby to gain an earthly body as we had to...he had a family, that he learned from and spent time with in his youth before being sent out to complete his mission that he was sent to do. A pattern that our own life would follow. 
     Christ came to atone for the sins of all of us. God is a perfect being and no imperfect being can live in his presences. Christ is that key...our connection. He will stand with us, accepting all the mistakes and sorrowful moments we collect on our journey here. He will stand with us to make us whole, taking our sin upon himself...making us pure once again to stand with God.
           This is my testimony of God's plan and of the Savior. I know that God lives and loves us. That Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. I know that the scriptures and the teachings of the prophets...old and living...are tools to help us return to our Heavenly Father.
        Christmas...celebrating the birth of a very important part of God's plan for his children to return to him. Merry Christmas.

Monday, November 14, 2016

November !! Busy month...
#1--Daniel leaves on his Mission in 2 days!!
#2--We had my Holiday Cottage Boutique the last week of October instead of November.
#3-- Daniel, Gretchen and I went to Arizona so Daniel could see family before he left.
#4--My daughter from Missouri surprised us-with her 2 little kids.
#5--Had an early Thanksgiving with Daniel.

Had seven of my ten grand kids here with us.
Loved every minute!

Family makes the difference!! 
These days I hear of so many people who are squabbling with a family member--even within my own family.  Is it worth it to hold onto the grudge and anger?....Will it matter in ten years?
      All I know is that you have missed out on ten years of family closeness,  good times, and peace of heart. What can be so important to fight Hurtful words?  Jealousy? Oh, I know these are REAL feelings involved in such incidents. Pride stands in the way of apologies and lack of forgiveness.
     I love my family. I need my family! I hope all is well with yours!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October! Fall, Fall, Fall! Family!

This is a great time of year. The gate way to a lot of family time. I know I have blogged about this before, but I love the holidays and the family time that comes with it.
       Family is what life is all about. If I can teach my children anything...that would be to BE a part of the family. Be there when the opportunity arises and they will be there for you as often as they can.
     I come from an awesome family....and extended family. Somehow my mom and dad quietly taught me and my brother and sisters that family is very important. They are my best friends, they come first, they are there for me, and I need to be there for them in any circumstances. AND I don't have to pay them for help or for being my family! 
    You may think that last comment is strange, but I have seen families that have to pay their siblings for their time and efforts if they help them. SO NOT COOL in my book.
     One of the most important lessons that the Savior taught was service. I believe that the greatest place and the first place to serve is your family. It brings you closer, the love bound becomes deeper as you go through life's experiences together. When you are feeling down and should be able to count on your family...and not be judged by them, Silent support is what family is and can be.
    BUT on the flip side of truth, our worst critics can be our family. So just remember, no one is perfect in a family. But everyone can be there to support and to help lift a family member through the tough times. 
      I love all my family. I miss them each day.  How I wish I could be in more then one place at a time!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

   Signs of fall are creeping in...cooler weather and Harvest time!!
   This is a great time of year...its another one of those "New beginning" moments. New school year for kids and time for me to re-coop from the summer break! Time to put my house back in order and to start looking ahead to the holidays....YES! The holidays! If I don't start now, then it overwhelms me. I hate rushing around at Christmas time I begin now, to slowly...quietly...begin to prepare.
    I do this in the middle of canning season, putting my house in order, and evaluating my goals! It is like the last quarter of the year...Have I met my goals of the past three months? How am I doing on my long term goals for the year? Now it's time to get ready for the last stretch of the season, so to speak.
    Here's to the beginning of your happy holiday season!! Around the Halloween, Thanksgiving and then soon Christmas will be upon us! Start planning now for a calmer, more relaxing holiday time!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Check out my latest publications!!
   #1....Exercise... Created for myself..but sharing with those who like to write down their goals. This is a book with a commitment of one year of daily exercising! It has a monthly charts to mark off, suggestions for light eating. Exercise suggestions in the back. Don't forget to drink lots of water! Simple... but a tangible record of a goal! "A goal not written is only a wish."

#2....Cooking on a Tight Budget--and Other Helpful Cooking Tips!...This book was created for my daughters. They are always calling for help and for family recipes. I love to help them, so I decided to put it in writing! This book includes: Nutritional information, shopping lists with menus for a small family on a very tight budget. Recipes for home cooked meals instead of boxed foods. Yummy foods that your family will love. Great gift for kids leaving home, newly marrieds...or because you want a delicious recipe of "Back to Basics" cooking!

Check out my 'Author page for my non-fiction publications' above for more information.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New page added to the line up!
 Shop: "Quilts and More" for Sale!
        Coming soon!
Daniel is the one in the suit, of course!

This page will be dedicated to my son's Missionary fund. I will be making and selling quilts, comforters, and blankets. All Home crafted and original one of a kind!
   Please support Daniel in his efforts to serve! We are waiting to hear where he will be going!
    Check it out and support Daniel!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

There is change in the air!!! Summer time will be coming to a close...some have already had to head back to school. The beginning of a new school year always was cause to think. Think of what, you ask? I think about Goals!! What will I accomplish in this new school year? What will help me reach my goals by the end of the school year?
        I may not be in school now, but this time of  year always has me reflecting. I set goals in January. Have I achieved any of them? I still have time before this year runs out to work on my personal goals. What do I have to do to reach my goals with the time I have left? This is my 'check and balance' time. I evaluate, set new small goals to help me get going again on my larger goals---or throw them out and make new goals if need be!
     Another great part of this year is...buying new school supplies! I LOVE new pens and paper. Isn't it exciting to get all new 'stuff'! Plus the organizers! I buy those 50 cent notebooks for all sorts of uses....mainly for writing notes about new books I want to write these days---I organize the names and details of the  town and the characters in my book. I put any research I do in those notebooks. I keep track of pages and work count also. Much to consider when writing a book!
along with the prize money! 
** (fun note: Daniel made the small animal showmanship tables as his Eagle project for Scouts! He did an awesome job!)


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer is in full force! I love my AC!! That is all I can say about it!
     A touch of coolness to remind you that summer doesn't last forever!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Thanks to those who took part in the sale!! Hope you enjoyed the stories! Tell a friend.

KINDLE BOOK SALE ........July 8th to July 11th!!

 "Moments in Time-4th of July Short Stories."    
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

JUNE! This month is the beginning of summer break for most of us....well, at least the kids. What are you going to do to keep them busy? Any fun summer vacation plans? I have Stay-cation plans....not going far this year.
    Camping is our number one plan for my daughter and I. My sister is coming with her kids in July....YAY! Its been a while and we are excited!
    Personal plans....the normal.... try to clean the clutter corners that seem to creep up on us. Mine seemed to have crept in and then invited more into their space. My sewing room needs an overhaul, living room needs painted. The garden is already planted, so it will need tending. I hope to write a spectacular book and get a few  in print that I have already waiting on my computer.
      Then there are the trips to Christensen's Pond...we wait for that all year. We have two dates reserved! Check it out online. Its a ton of fun and we take our friends and family and have a great time!
      Hope your summer is packed full of good times! But most of all...enjoy the time with your family. Make time for those quiet moments: Look at the stars in your own front yard, take a walk with your someone. Read a book together as a doesn't all have to be hustle and bustle. Make it a Family Summer Time!  
** The pond is owned by a local farmer who created this fun recreation place for his family. He shares of charge with the just have to get your name on the calendar and that is hard to do! We love it and appreciate their great generosity!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

New book out today!
Check it out on my author page! Find it on Amazon--print and Kindle form!

Friday, May 20, 2016

My youngest son has graduated from high school! Daniel, I am
so proud of the young man you have become. You are strong, full of love for family and friends, and has a giving heart. He puts God first in his life and it shows in his actions.
    He is planning on serving a mission, then on to college. Right now he is working his first 9 to 5 job and coming home dirty from head to toe! (Working at a Tractor Junk yard.)
    When I was going through my cancer treatments he was 14. He took charge of the yard. He made me dinners and saw that I was comfortable. He and his youngest sister who was 10 at the time became my angels of mercy. They took care of me, the house and each other. I loved hearing them talking back and forth to each other!  I am so proud of the loving people they have become.
   Daniel, I love you. I wish you the happiest life and all the blessings that follow a person as kindhearted as you are.
    Daniel loves sports. He was all-conference Defense and Offensive line-football!! He is an amazing tennis player...don't let the size fool you! He has a recorded 100 mph serve and quick on his feet.
 He also did well at Track and field in shot put and disc. He is an Eagle scout.
 Daniel plays the guitar and has a DEEP singing voice! He is also a great swing dancer. He and his sister, Gretchen, have spent hours practicing and then teaching it, sharing their fun at community youth dances on Saturday nights in our neighboring communities. He is such a fun person!
   You are an awesome person...and I love you so much!

Enjoy life Daniel! You have the best of life's greatest moments still coming ahead of you! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

This month is mother's day! Don't forget your moms! They are the core of who we are! I have dedicated "My Favorite Things" and my "Happy Homemaker" post to my mother. Check it out! I love you, mama! There is a song post on "My Favorite Things" be sure to click on it. I recently heard this spoke to my heart! It is our family's song!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    Colton's Cabin has been released!! 

Enjoy a great, clean read romance. Book 3 in 
An Orchard Grove Series!' Read about it on my Author's pages!

                      Check it out!

Monday, April 4, 2016

April is already here! The weather is changing back and forth...cold with snow clouds floating over head, then the next day it is a sky full of warm sunshine and rising temperatures. Just as we say, "Yes, spring is finally here!" We wake up to more clouds and cold temperatures.

   Remember the old saying... "April showers bring May flowers." I love the April flowers also! Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths! Gorgeous signs of spring.I love flower season!!

    The other fun signs of spring for our family are tennis rackets and new running shoes! Our family has enjoyed the sport of tennis. Two of my kids have state champion titles and went on to play college tennis. My son, Martin, took first in singles and doubles at Divisional for his college team his second year. Melanie played tennis in college and went on to use her love for tennis. She currently works at a tennis club and is a certified instructor. Daniel is a senior and has scholarship offers waiting for him.He has a recorded serve at 110 mph. He is hoping to follow in his siblings footsteps and place at state this year. Tennis is a sport that doesn't end in high school. It is a life long sport. Everyone can enjoy it! In our family, we start them young! (Picture of Heath, Melanie's baby.)

Fun story: Melanie and her family were here this past weekend. Heath is almost 3 now. We were driving in the car past some green wheat fields and Heath would push up out of his chair to look out the window. "There! There is a tennis ball! See it?" or "I see a tennis ball! Let's go get it!" He had tennis on the brain! It was so fun! The kids all made time to head to the tennis courts while Melanie and her family were visiting. Fun times!
      There are so many fun family, spring-time activities....I hope your family has a favorite one! The most important things is...Just spend time together! Laugh, make will bring your family closer! Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A new month!
 March can be such a fun is beginning to feel like spring again...we start planning what we will do in the warm weather...gardening, spring sports, walking or hiking a little more. 
      I am seeing the long thin leaves of the tulips and daffodils sprouting out of the ground. Now I will begin to watch for the first bloom! Ah....Spring is coming again! Can't you feel it? Take a deep breath when you are outside.
     Each month makes me think of new goals, new projects and more family time outside!
      It's such a great time of the year! I hope you feel the energy of the season and have a great Springtime to come!!

Introducing my newest Non fiction booklet.

 This is a motivational booklet about finding Happiness! It is within our reach to be happy every day. Each one of us has burdens to bare, but we can still enjoy the small joys that have been placed here for us to find and experience. Perfection is not going to happen. Trials are meant to helps us recognize the difference between joy and sorrow. We can be find happiness in our circumstances, no matter what they may be.
Read more about this book on my 'Author' page by clicking the link above.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Newly released book!
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"A Dangerous Romance".... this is a little bit different style for me. Romance and intrigue mixed together in a modern day setting. Meet Isaac Morris and Sadie Carter!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

 February 2016 .....Sweet reflections!

This past week has been a sweet week. As of January 28th, I have a new grand
daughter.  Emery Rae was born at 3:50 a.m.. 6 lbs and 10 ozs. Holding that new tiny life causes a person to reflect on what is important. Up to that minute, my week had been horrible. The past few days had been hard, and just plain stressful. People in my house were snippy and being rude...for petty reasons mostly. Then we got the call (actually a text!) that my son's wife was in labor....5 weeks early. Boy, did our thoughts change, our priority shifted, and the petty arguments were no more.
     I held that sweet baby again today. I thought of her tender life in my hands. Granted, I am the grandmother, not her mother, but the influence I will have in her life is still just as great. I have a responsibility to be the best person I can be. The example I set for her will have a life long effect and continue on into the future.
    I think of my own grandmother. Grandma Sue. What a grand lady she was! I loved her dearly. I spent a lot of time with her in my youth. I learn so much from her. Grandma was such a talented women! She played the piano and organ, could do every craft you could ever dream of and did it extremely well. She reupholstered her own furniture! She painted pictures--oil and water color.
     She was always learning something new! She would get up early to get her chores done so she could have time to work on her new creative project she was working on.
     Grandma canned, kept an immaculate house, and made the best cookies! She was amazing! What  I remember most was her mischievous smile, and her finger that she would point at me as she was making a point. I loved her little laugh as she found humor in the little things in life. I appreciated her quiet testimony of Christ.
     She left behind a great legacy and I want to be the kind of grandma that Sue Nelson was to our sweet Emery...and to all of my nine grandchildren.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New release!

Is it a wish or a Goal! A goal is only a wish until it is written down.
Its time to get those goals set! And to do that I created a new Personal Planner. Everyone has good intentions, but i have learned if it isn't written down it probably won't get done. So here is a booklet to help you organize your personal goals for 2016!
     It has 55 weeks of goal setting pages. Set those goals for spiritual, physical, family, and social improvement. Be more organized this year: Plan your menus. Finish those unfinished projects. Plan new ones! Remember birthdays and those important appointments. Find it at Createspace estore or amazon! Now...for $10.00! Get started!

Personal Planner.....$10.00

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