Saturday, July 30, 2016

There is change in the air!!! Summer time will be coming to a close...some have already had to head back to school. The beginning of a new school year always was cause to think. Think of what, you ask? I think about Goals!! What will I accomplish in this new school year? What will help me reach my goals by the end of the school year?
        I may not be in school now, but this time of  year always has me reflecting. I set goals in January. Have I achieved any of them? I still have time before this year runs out to work on my personal goals. What do I have to do to reach my goals with the time I have left? This is my 'check and balance' time. I evaluate, set new small goals to help me get going again on my larger goals---or throw them out and make new goals if need be!
     Another great part of this year is...buying new school supplies! I LOVE new pens and paper. Isn't it exciting to get all new 'stuff'! Plus the organizers! I buy those 50 cent notebooks for all sorts of uses....mainly for writing notes about new books I want to write these days---I organize the names and details of the  town and the characters in my book. I put any research I do in those notebooks. I keep track of pages and work count also. Much to consider when writing a book!
along with the prize money! 
** (fun note: Daniel made the small animal showmanship tables as his Eagle project for Scouts! He did an awesome job!)

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