Monday, November 14, 2016

November !! Busy month...
#1--Daniel leaves on his Mission in 2 days!!
#2--We had my Holiday Cottage Boutique the last week of October instead of November.
#3-- Daniel, Gretchen and I went to Arizona so Daniel could see family before he left.
#4--My daughter from Missouri surprised us-with her 2 little kids.
#5--Had an early Thanksgiving with Daniel.

Had seven of my ten grand kids here with us.
Loved every minute!

Family makes the difference!! 
These days I hear of so many people who are squabbling with a family member--even within my own family.  Is it worth it to hold onto the grudge and anger?....Will it matter in ten years?
      All I know is that you have missed out on ten years of family closeness,  good times, and peace of heart. What can be so important to fight Hurtful words?  Jealousy? Oh, I know these are REAL feelings involved in such incidents. Pride stands in the way of apologies and lack of forgiveness.
     I love my family. I need my family! I hope all is well with yours!
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