Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!
One thing I learned through my years of being a mother.... I am not perfect. I had never been a mother before, you see. I had a great mother, but I was not my mother. I was starting new and fresh. I had the dream of the mother I wanted to be and I tried my best. For the most part I think I did okay. But then I realized each of my six children were different. They needed different things, their thought process was different, but again. I tried my best.
    I love being a mother! From the time I was small, I knew that was what I wanted to be when I grew up. I played with my dolls and practices as often as I could. But the real thing was so much different.
    I was so excited for each new baby to arrive! I loved holding that precious newborn. With each one, I would pray that I would be the mother they needed. It was a hard job, but I would never trade it for the world!
    I just want my children to know and understand that children do not come with instructions. Your children won't be cut from the same cloth as you are and whatever you THINK is the WAY to do things, may not work for each child. The only thing that will be consistent is the love you feel for your children. 
    I love my children. I would never go back and change the choice to be their mother! I look at the pictures in the scrapbooks and wish for more time with them when they were younger. I see them growing up and wish for time to slow down. I see their struggles and wish I could stop the hard times that are coming for them.
    I have one thing to say to my children....remember, always...I love you. We are an eternal family. We all have our trials to learn and grow from; it is a part of life. Everyday remember that no matter what, no matter how good or bad life is for you now, no matter how good or bad you thought life was for you as child in our home....I love you, always!

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