Thursday, December 12, 2013

Merry Christmas! The days are passing us by. Tomorrow is the beginning of "The 12 days of Christmas!" Everyday between now and Christmas we have the opportunity to do something for someone else! What shall it be?......Make a treat, help shovel a snowy sidewalk ( or send your strong 16 year old son to do it at least!) Call someone and tell them you are thinking of them. Sing Christmas carols to your neighbors or a care center,  fix a meal and take it to a young mom trying to juggle life this month, babysit for someone needing to go Christmas many ideas! I just LOVE Christmas!
     Sunday is our family's "Night of Music" fireside. We started this last year to replace the small recital I used to have in my living room every year with my piano students. Now our family prepares music and we invite a selected few other talented friends to perform with us. I am SOOO excited! We have such great songs we'll be sharing. Everyone is invited!
    The other great news is....I have a working PayPal account for anyone who wishes to order my book from me! It is currently on sale and would make an AWESOME Christmas gift for someone! Merry Christmas to you all!
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