Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This week is an exciting week for our family. My third child, second son, is getting married on Friday. He is marrying a sweet young lady. Family is such a great thing to me! I love my family and I am excited to welcome another member to our Loya Family.
    It is a time for reflection for It holds a deep place of love in my heart. I had a great childhood. I knew I was loved. My parents were great! I admire them for their strength, their courage in facing difficult times, and for the patience they had for life. They taught me the importance of service--to give of yourself to others in time and talents. It was a great privilege to be a part of easing another's burden.
    They taught me about tradition, about being there for your family. To love them unconditionally. They always showed me great care and consideration, and I will be forever grateful for the loving parents my life was blessed with.
     I learned how family was the only true and ever lasting friendship a person would have. They will always be there--go through a lot for you. They are the ones who know the worst about you and still love you anyway. They are the ultimate best friends in my life. I am so blessed with the friendship of my family. Thank you and a big hug to my parents and my siblings.
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