Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This summer has been full of change and fun for me. When I was younger I felt like life would always be the same...how wrong I was. Change comes from all directions, at all ages. Some change is welcome...other times we have no choice. Sometimes our live's get tilted by the choices of others around us and because they are linked to us, our lives change with theirs. So remember...Your choices do matter and affect other people. How many times have I heard a young teen say, " But it is my choice! It's nobody's business what I do." 
      First of all, that is the most selfish way of thinking. Our life is surround by family and friends. Our choices do matter to others. Maybe it won't affect them immediately or directly, but your choice will always touch someone else...even if it is a small reaction.
     My personal change has come in the way of how I think. Other changes has come as a reaction from someone else's choice--can't say those were wanted changes, but now I have to adjust and make changes in my own life. Some  good and some not expected. But that is life!! Always surprising you with the unexpected.
     Change can be good...and sometimes we don't see the benefit of that change until we make it through the shift. So embrace life's changes and make it into something good!

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