Friday, April 17, 2015

This Saturday, April 18th, is the end of my two week  of my"Spring Book Boutique"! It was such a great opportunity to meet more of my community and share with them my beliefs as I talked about "The Short List". That is my plan of sanity in a short book. Put God first and put yourself on your own 'to-do' list! Remember make time for yourself!
    I offered several types of books from fiction, to woman motivational, journals, and Children books! I sold "Darla's Decision" at a discount during the sale for $6.00! I will continue to offer it at that price for the rest of the month on my blog! I have taken it back from my first publisher, Westbow Press associated with Thomas Nelson and I will revise it and have it back in circulation by the end of May! Right along with Book #3!  Colton's Cabin!!

Today I am also announcing a Kindle Countdown!starting Monday, 8:00 a.m., April 20th to the 22nd you will find 
"LOVE AT LAST" for sale for 24 hours!  At .99 cents!! Then $1.99 the next day, April 22st brings it back to normal at the normal price.  For those of you who have not read it yet
Here is your chance!
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