Monday, September 16, 2013

September has been a progressive month for me. I have been writing again. I have written a Christmas Novella. Now to get it put into print!  Book 2 of the Orchard Grove series is out for editing.
    I love this time of year. School starts and it is the end of summer. My favorite flowers are blooming and the weather is changing. We have had the most amazing lightening shows.
    I am still hearing great comments about "Darla's decision". Just want to say thanks for all who have bought my book or a kindle version. I hope you will share how much you have liked it with your friends and encourage them to buy a copy!
     Tomorrow I will be attending a review for a neighborhood Book Club and share my book with them. I appreciate the opportunity to "get it out there" a little bit more!
     I wrote Darla's Decision with the hope that it "wasn't like all the others". I feel I have achieved that! So many people call me halfway through and ask what is going to happen! It has an unexpected twist and a surprising incident. I hope you will love Book 2 just as much.
    I have decided on a name for Book 2. "Lovin' Lily."
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