Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall is here! I saw the most beautiful sight. The leaves on the Boise River are changing: reds, pinks, yellows and orange color the limbs of the trees, with the river running beneath these beautiful leaves. Gorgeous picture! I love Fall! This time of year is the gateway to the holiday season.
     The cool crisp air makes me think of hot chocolate, marshmallows and pumpkin spices. I love the smells in the stores on the holiday isles.  Pumpkin pie scented candles and sachet packets. Mmmm. I will be decorating my living room with my fall decorations that consist of colored leaves and pumpkins and a quilt I made.
     There are different size pumpkins in each block inspired by the pumpkin patch I grew ten years ago. Pumpkins of all sorts of shapes and sizes. We had over 30 pumpkins that year and we gave them away to neighbors and anyone that walked through the door that fall.

      Writing and writing...can't get enough of it! Some days I think, "I really should be cleaning or spending more time with my kids still at home!" But my stories call to me!
      Just so you know, I have spent special time with Gretchen this week. She had a  talent night at her church group night last night. We have been practicing together all week. She played the family trombone as I played the piano to "In the mood." It is a toe tapping dance tune that my mother taught me from the days she used to play in a dance band--back in the day when a dance had a live band playing. It is one of our favorite family songs!

     I am sending out more copies of "Lovin' Lily" to friends to read and to my new editors. --I will be using more then one! I need to get on it! I have people anxious to know what happen next in the lives of the people that live in Orchard Grove! 

    Sneak peak into Orchard Grove's Book 2:
        On the fifth day, Danny was laying there staring into nothingness when a bucket of cold water showered down on him! He jerked up and sputtered, wiping the water out of his eyes. He turned his dead-pan eyes on the culprits. Charlie and Rusty stood over him Charlie held the empty bucket and Rusty stood with a second full one. They waited for Danny to respond. All he did was stare at them with an emptiness in his eyes. The second bucket raised over his head and Rusty let the water trickled down in a steady stream. He sat there taking it at first and then he shook his head, trying to wipe the moisture out of his face, but it just kept coming! He finally flew off of his bed.
     "Leave me alone!" he sputtered, wiping the water from his face as he glared at the two older men.

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