Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why do writers write? It is a way to express feelings. A way to remember things. A way to clear your mind and a time to create!
      I have always loved putting pen to paper. I started writing in a journal when I was ten. I wrote every day until I got married and then I wrote every Sunday. Now six children I write two or three times a month! and especially when there is a very important event in my life or in the life of those that are important to me.
     I am also a letter writer....I started my pen pal in the fifth grade. I didn't send notes, I sent books! I didn't know how to write a short message. LOL.
      I wrote stories, poetry, and music!
      What motivates me to write? Life.
      I am sitting her listening to the wind. It makes me think of a time I was younger and lived in a very remote mountain town in Arizona called Young. It was Originally named Pleasant Valley. The wind was howling just like it is now. Summer winds can make me think of winter snow storms.
       The other day I watched my grandchildren play with our kittens. Annalyse who is not quite 2 but loves the kittens. Her excited face and her squeals of happiness are so entertaining. Gideon ,who is 3 is terrified of touching any animal. Scared to death! But there are moments that he tries to be so brave and his little hands hover over the soft kitten, shaking with fear--trying to find the courage to touch it. The joy on little children's face, the worries and fears that causes their tears. They make me think of descriptive words!
      Another source that makes me want to write is music! I love the words that musicians use in songs! They touch me. I admire those who write the words to music. I love the simple phrases that can create a whole memory in my mind!
     I have spent this whole week working on my sequel to "Darla's Decision". I had a lot of it written, just adding details and descriptions to help you 'see' it better. That is what words do--helps our mind see things. 
      My shipment of books is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! I am so excited to get them out to those of you who have ordered my book! Thanks so much for your support!
     If any of you feel inclined....You can go on to Amazon and write a review for me. I hope you are finding it to be a five star book!
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