Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great day! "Orchard Grove series, book one, Darla's Decision" is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Westbow Press. Listed at $22.95  I might add that I did not set that price! The Publisher did. When I ask why they said because good books cost more!  So what could I say to that?
      It is also available through me! For the first 100 to preorder/order my book, you will receive the special "Celebration Sale" price of $20.00!! (plus $3.00 shipping)
      So today was a great day! My husband is probably more excited then I am ....if that is possible! He called me constantly all day! Love that man! Plus family and friends called me. It was such a wonderful day! Thanks to all of your support!
      This morning I had planned on sleeping in, but when my daughter Jessica called and said, "Mom, have you been on facebook?"  "No, I hadn't," was my sleepy reply. "I am looking at your book on Amazon right now! Karen posted that she had already bought your book!"
       I flew out of bed as fast as my hamstring pulled leg would let me! And I hobbled down the stairs, waddled to my computer desk and there it was in all its pink glory! The rest is now history! :)
      And just so you know... I am currently finishing up Book Two of the Orchard Grove Series. 
      I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! My little girls dream of being an author has come true! Life is Good. My life has been full of blessings and this is a bonus.
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