Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Summer time has started with strange weather and a AC that went on the blitz.
 This is the time to think of summer family reunions, swimming parties, picnics in the park and in the mountains...camping!!  We love camping!
    And of course, the most fun of all Fourth of July!
   What is your favorite summer fun activity?

But June has other holidays that are very important....June 14th is Flag Day. I love seeing the flags waving in the wind. I love what that flags represents. Our country and the freedoms that we have.
    I know there is a lot of political conflicts nowadays, but we need to not forgot the goal of this country. Freedom....if you have have forgotten what those freedoms, are spend time reading about it and be reminded. Though, I will say, you might have to go hunting for some of that information since people nowadays tend to try to destroy the stories of the founding fathers and all they represented.

The other great day of June is Father's Day.
I want to tell you about my dad. He was an amazing man. I learn so much from him. He had a very big heart. Always giving to others.
    I remember him getting up in the middle of the night to rescue broken down cars and fixing them in the middle of the night and then getting up to go to work.
     He served the community in 4-H  until he passed on! The kids loved him!
    He was active in the LDS church and involved in the scouting program for many years also. He loved the mountains and hiking with those boys!
    He took our family camping and hiking. He was always there at ever activity we were in. Always cheering us on.
  . He always had a smile and a hug. He had a great sense of humor.
   LaVon Max Johnston has been gone from this earth for 8 years now..but he is still with me. I miss him every day.  His birthday is also June 27th. A lot of reminders of him this month.

I love you, Daddy.
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