Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February... The month of...LOVE.
What do you love? I love to Read! I love to listen to uplifting music as I work. I love to sit in a clean house...but that means I have to clean it too! I LOVE my family. I appreciate the great times they have shared with me! I love hearing them come home!

    I love friends and making new friends!

I love Chocolate! Makes me feel happy to share it with someone too!..with popcorn! Yummm!

    Just find a little happiness by loving the little things in your day.
The cat laying on the chair, the bird playing in the yard outside the window. That small piece of Chocolate melting in your mouth. The taste of a cool glass of water! The smile in someone's eyes as they greet you! I love my bed! My house!
     Every day is filled with loving blessings...count your blessings today!

February...a new month. A new start to begin....again!
     This is a great time to reset those New Year's Resolutions you have already balled on...and START AGAIN!
      February...can you believe it? Here in Parma, Idaho we have spent our first month of the year covered in snow. Some New Year Resolutions may not have even had a chance to here is another opportunity.
      "Exercise? New Job? Diet? Spend more time with family?" Whatever the plan was.... Just  reset your goals and get back to work again.

Happy Valentine's Day!  Don't forget to plan that special date with your valentine.
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